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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Steve's Church-less Movie Of The Week: Part Two ...

Today wasn't supposed to be a double feature, but, sadly, Richard Dawson, the longtime "Family Feud" game-show host and "Hogan's Heroes" actor, died today in Los Angeles. He was 79 years old and, to me, will always be the greatest game show host, not for Family Feud but for hosting the game show in the "so bad it's good" eighties movie The Running Man.

Even though Arnold was red hot in the box office at the time, it was Richard Dawson who stone the show. In my mind, he is the REAL star of that movie. In fact, right after that movie came out we would all play "Running Man" during recess, with me playing the part of Damon Killian, of course. So it is sad to hear that he has passed on.

So, at the last second, I set up a second movie featuring the full movie as well as some of Richard Dawson's best game show bits and my usual retro drive-in craziness.

Enjoy ...

Yoinked from the almighty wikipedia idol ...

"The Running Man is a science fiction novel by Stephen King, first published under the pseudonym Richard Bachman in 1982 as a paperback original. It was collected in 1985 in the hardcover omnibus The Bachman Books. The novel is set in a dystopian United States during the year 2025, in which the nation's economy is in ruins and world violence is rising. The story follows protagonist Ben Richards as he participates in the game show The Running Man in which contestants, allowed to go anywhere in the world, are chased by 'Hunters' employed to kill them.

The Running Man novel was loosely adapted into a film with the same name, which was released five years after the book in 1987. Directed by Paul Michael Glaser, the film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, María Conchita Alonso, Jesse Ventura, Jim Brown, and game show host Richard Dawson. The film, set in a dystopian America in the year 2019, is about a television show called The Running Man, where convicted criminal 'runners' must escape death at the hands of professional killers.

The film's critical reaction was mostly positive. The review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes reported that 63% of critics gave the film a positive review based on a sample of 32 reviews, with an average score of 5.5/10. In The Running Man's opening weekend, it was released in 1,692 theaters and grossed $8,117,465. The film's total domestic gross was $38,122,105, becoming a box office success. Paula Abdul is credited with the choreography of the Running Man dance troupe.

A video game based on the film was released for the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, Amiga, and the Atari ST. The game was developed by Emerald Software Ltd and published by Grandslam Entertainment and seems to suck. A 1990 video game called Smash TV was inspired by The Running Man."

Steve's Snacks Of The Week:
Asthma Meds
Cold Pizza
A Few Marshmallows

... AND NOW, Reverend Steve and this blog are both PROUD to once again present today's second Church-less Movie of the Week absolutely FREE!

But first lets go over a few theater rules. Absolutely no talking is allowed in this or any of our 1 Galindo Theater locations. Any and all talkers will be Trayvon Martin-ed with extreeeme prejudice. Please, no cell phones or African-American berries going off in the theater. And NO TEXTING! Really, have some courtesy!

And be sure to dim your headlights (where applicable).

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