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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Steve's Church-less Movie Of The Week: Part One ...

Just finished reading this book, so now I can't wait to watch the movie.

Enjoy ...

Yoinked from wikipedia ...

"Thank You for Smoking is a novel by Christopher Buckley, first published in 1994, which tells the story of Nick Naylor, a tobacco lobbyist during the 1990s. A pivotal point in the plot occurs when Naylor is kidnapped by a clandestine group who attempt to kill him by covering him with nicotine patches. The search for the perpetrators of the crime leads to surprising results. In this respect, the plot mirrors one of Buckley's other satirical novels such as his novel Little Green Men. A movie based on the novel was released in 2005. While the characters are essentially the same, the plot differs in some significant ways. Most noticeably, Naylor's relationship with his son is given a more prominent role, and the kidnapping conspiracy is downplayed. In addition, the ending is different in both events and tone.

The film was written and directed by Jason Reitman and starred Aaron Eckhart. The film follows the efforts of Big Tobacco's chief spokesman, Nick Naylor, who lobbies on behalf of cigarettes using heavy spin tactics while also trying to remain a role model for his 12-year-old son. Supporting roles are played by Cameron Bright, Katie Holmes, Maria Bello, David Koechner, Rob Lowe, Adam Brody, Sam Elliott, William H. Macy, J.K. Simmons, and Robert Duvall.

The motion picture was released in a limited run on March 17, 2006, and had a wide release on April 14. As of 2007, the film grossed a total of more than $39 million worldwide. On November 24, 2006, NBC announced that it was developing a television pilot based on the film, although the project never materialized and no official series of the movie has since developed. However, ABC's show Better Off Ted has been described as a TV-sized version of Thank You for Smoking. The film was released on DVD in the US on October 3, 2006, and in the UK on January 8, 2007.

Mel Gibson's Icon Productions bought the rights to Buckley's novel prior to its release. Initially, Gibson saw himself as starring as Nick Naylor in the adaptation. However, due to the satiric nature of the book, the studio lacked a way to film it and the project lacked a usable script. Reitman became interested in heading an adaptation after reading the book, and independently wrote a draft for Icon executives after he discovered they owned the rights to the film. Reitman saw himself as a comic writer with a voice similar to Buckley's, and consciously attempted to maintain the satiric flavor of the book for his draft. The script was received favorably by Icon, and Gibson called Reitman to tell him how much he loved it. But over the next three years, the project languished due to a lack of financing and big studio interest, as most studios wanted Reitman to rewrite his script to include a more anti-smoking and uplifting ending. According to Reitman, studios wanted Naylor to have a change of heart by the film's end and repent for his past. It was only after meeting David O. Sacks, who had made his fortune as the former COO of the Internet payment company PayPal, that Reitman found a financier for his script. A first-time producer, Sacks financed most of the film's $8.5 million budget and let Reitman keep most of his original draft.

During the filming, Reitman made the conscious decision not to show any actual smoking of cigarettes. The only scenes that include smoking are older films the characters watch, such as when John Wayne lights up in Sands of Iwo Jima.

The tobacco industry itself has been reluctant to take any sides or comment on the film. When New York Times reporter Michael Jankowsky contacted an Altria publicist about the tobacco giant's reaction, she 'hesitated to respond, insisting that the film looks dated and poorly reflects the industry with depictions of tobacco executives as highly paid sleazeballs.' Though Thank You for Smoking pokes fun at the industry, the novel it was adapted from is a much harsher critic of tobacco lobbyists, and the major tobacco companies have mostly kept quiet on the issue. Awards

Thank You for Smoking did not receive a wide variety of nominations from the major award circuits, however, it did garner two Golden Globe nominations in its year, for Best Picture (Musical or Comedy) and Best Actor in the same film genre for Aaron Eckhart's portrayal of Nick Naylor. The Broadcast Film Association recognized Cameron Bright for his performance as Joey with a nomination for Best Young Actor, and also gave the film itself a nomination in the Comedy category. Jason Reitman received the Best Directorial Debut award from the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures."


Tex Williams: Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette)
Jerry Reed: Another Puff
Kingston Trio: Greenback Dollar
Otis Redding: Cigarettes And Coffee
The Mills Brothers: Smoke Rings
Aaron Eckhart: Nick Naylor Pitches Smoking is Cool
Aaron Eckhart: Naylor Testifies at Congressional Hearing

Steve's Snacks Of The Week:



More Coffee

Leftover Pizza

Italian Herbs And Garlic Popcorn

Even More Coffee

Internet Porn

... AND NOW, Reverend Steve and this blog are both PROUD to once again present today's Church-less Movie of the Week absolutely FREE! Yay me!

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT TODAY'S FEATURE: OK, SO... The person who posted the version of the movie on youtube, the version that I preferred, he posted it into various parts but he had part THREE removed from youtube for violence ... so, today's special FUN edition has some retro cigarette commercials and an intermission and a cartoon and a few more special goodies ... but when it's time for part three, we were forced to switch from my preferred version to the fairly annoying SUPER SCRUNCHED-o-VISION version which, in the transition, may be off a few seconds... still, I hope it all still swings for you!

But first, before we begin, lets go over a few theater rules really quickly. Absolutely no talking is allowed during the movie in this or any other Galindo Theaters. Any and all talkers will be bare butt spanked with a wooden spoon with EXTREME prejudice! Please, no cell phones or African-American berries going off in the theater. And NO TEXTING during the movie! Serious!

And be sure to dim your headlights (where applicable).



This was originally going to be a SOLO movie day, but at the last second I am scrounging up a second film. Part two is coming soon!

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