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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Various News From Arizona ...

-It's hot. Hot as hell. But, as everyone in Arizona is sick to death of hearing, it's a "dry heat" which makes it a hell of a lot better than the humid heat I get in Oklahoma. So it's not that bad. But in a related story DAAAAAAMN there's a lot of sluts around here! But there has to be sluts. The way I see it, women HAVE TO dress like a slut in Phoenix, Arizona so that they can survive the heat. People die from the heat. It's crazy. So most women dress like slutty whores. So yay. That's a big win for Steve.

-I am headed to Castles & Coasters today, formerly known as Golf n' Stuff. There are rides and mini golf and I believe it is STILL the only looping roller coaster in the whole state. They also have a three story building, actually two stories but with a sunken "third level" that is filled with the newest video games and some incredibly old school stuff as well. There's so much pinball there! I can't wait! PINBALLLLLL! I'll be sure to post a few pics. Yay pinball!

-I am now a special guest contributor to the site Guitarded, which I'm pretty excited about. I wrote what I think is a pretty nice piece about my meeting and befriending Wesley Willis, the former chronic schizophrenic musician. The piece I wrote is right here, so check it out and let me know what you think. Rock over London, rock on Chicago. Wheaties, breakfast of champions.

-I miss my kids. Miss them. Miss them like fucking mad. Emerald's getting more mature and seems to be growing up so fast. I really miss seeing her face. Isabela is crazy just like I was at her age but she still wants to cuddle and hug and kiss and have me hold her. I miss her like mad. And Maxwell is addicted to my wife but when he wants to smile and laugh he just has to look at me. His tongue-ish smile is what I miss. And my wife. I miss her so much. I know my brother needed this and so do I but I just really miss them so fucking much.

-I found a video on my father's computer and uploaded it to youtube. Isabel was very young and so was Emerald. The video was in Sacramento in maybe 2010. There was a storm. My parents and my own family went to Denny's. And Isabela, who was maybe four or five years old at the time, just would NOT STOP TALKING! My favorite part is when she asks my mom "Have you seen the Cleveland Show?" Funny. Isabela has my wife's anger but my own batshit insanity. Check it out ...

-We were JUUUUUUUST about to leave for Castles & Golf & Coasters & Stuff but my brother decided to take a quick "power nap" but that never works out the way you want it to and now he's on the couch next to me snoring like fucking MAD. And the thing is that I really don't want to wake him up! Seriously, he's snoring like a fifty foot tall dragon that's roaring while chainsawing a big ass mountain. So the way I see it is that if the man is this tired then he needs the sleep. So I'm not waking him up. And that's good. Right?

-I keep seeing these legal commercials about "trans-vaginal mesh devices." Each time I hear that phrase it makes me want to vomit out my internal organs.

-This is a trailer I stumbled upon recently. It's for Disney's newest animated movie called Wreck-It Ralph. The Onion AV Club calls it "Toy Story for kids who don't really play with toys anymore" and that's a darn good description. It's a video game movie about a video game bad guy who doesn't want to be a video game bad guy anymore, so he leaves his game and starts video game hopping. The BESTEST PART about it is how it has bad guys from a crapton of other actual video games. It's like the Roger Rabbit of video games. I'm surprised at how good it looks. Check it out ...

-I work on Father's Day apparently. FML. But Sarah, the girl at my work, and since I know so many Sarah's that she's known on my phone as NEW Sarah, is working on getting it off for me. That's awesome. I really like they people I work with. They're really awesome.

-Fuck Metallica ...

Well, I guess that's that.

Wind Clan out.

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