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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Today's Choich Soy-vice ...

I just came back from church service, or "choich soy-vice" as Isabela and all of the younger kids call it.

Natasha was sick and Emerald was extremely tired after staying up until 2am with her cousin, so since I had today off I decided to go and take little Isabela to church. I mean, if she wants to go then who am I to stop her.

I know that may seem like a shock to those of you who know me for my Ed Wood religion or from my long standing and massively popular Church-less Movie of the Week posts by I occasionally go to church, usually whenever I have the day off. I think it's important for my kids to be forced to go to church. It keeps them naive. It helps kids STAY kids and not brats dressed like sluts wanting cell phones and shit.

But I just don't have that spark in me, that organized religious kick. I don't have it in me. Can't do it. I just feel like I have some sort of block in my brain that just shuts off organized religion beyond some certain point, you know?

Everytime I feel like I could really get into Christianity, then suddenly my bullshit switch comes on and I see everything everyone is doing around me as just mass hysteria. Mumbo jumbo. Ancient superstitions. See, if people can make placebo medicines actually work for themselves, then they can also make themselves believe that they feel the hand of God in their lives. So how do I know that all religions everywhere aren't just stories made up by frightened people to make themselves feel better?

Then that would make my Church of Ed Wood the SANEST religion in the world!

Hell yeah!

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