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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Post 1,954: Steve's Church-less Movie Of The Week ...

Yoinked from imdb and the almighty Wikipedia god, long may He reign ...

"X (also known as X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes) is a 1963 science fiction/horror motion picture directed by Roger Corman from a script by Ray Russell and Robert Dillon. In the film, Ray Milland stars as Dr. James Xavier. A world renowned scientist, Dr. Xavier experiments with X-ray vision and things go horribly wrong. While most of the cast are relatively unknown, Don Rickles is notable in an uncharacteristically dramatic role. Veteran character actor Morris Ankrum makes an uncredited appearance, his last in the movie industry.

Shot in a mere three weeks on an ultra-slim budget of $300,000, Corman described the film's success as a miracle. The movie was notable for its use of visual effects to portray Dr. Xavier's point of view. While crude by later standards, the visuals are still effective in impressing upon the audience the bizarre viewpoint of the protagonist.

There have long been rumors about an alternate ending for the movie, in which Dr. Xavier removes his eyes, and afterwards screams 'I can still see!' This footage has never turned up, but in the DVD audio commentary for X in the 2001 'Midnite Movies' series from MGM, Corman claimed shooting the scene on a whim—the 'I can still see!' line was not in the script. However, Corman says he was dissatisfied with the results and retained the original script's ending.

In his book Danse Macabre, Stephen King notes a strong Lovecraftian quality to X, based on Xavier's near-insanity when he cannot comprehend the god-like being he sees at the center of the universe. In 1999, Comic artist Alex Ross drew the character Kyle Richmond aka Nighthawk to look like Ray Milland from his portrayal in the film, for the comic book mini series Earth X. The character also has eyes with powers.

To create the effect of being able to see through a building, the director filmed the construction of the building in time lapse, then ran the film backward. When in the party, Dr. Xavier sees everybody naked, through their clothes, curtains and table cloths are shown. If he can see through clothes, the table should be 'naked.'

This is a typically-hokey-but fun Roger Corman film but one that keeps your interest most the way and manages to star a famous classic-era actor: Mr. Ray Milland. One actually wonders what an actor of Milland's status would be doing in a B Grade B-type sci-fi movie like this. For someone who had admired Milland's work for many years, it just seems odd for me to see him in a small-budget film. Maybe things got tough for him near the end of his career and he would take most any role. I don't know, and I'm not judging.....just curious why he took this role. I do know having him in the movie elevates it and the dialog isn't as cheesy as one would expect in a 1950-ish sci-fi horror story made in the '60s."

Steve's Snacks Of The Week:
More Coffee
Popped Corn
Random Chips
Cheesy Poofs
Various Candies
Internet P0rn

... AND NOW, Steve and this blog are both PROUD to once again present today's Church-less Movie of the Week in its entirety FOR FREE!

But lets go over a few rules first. There's no talking in Steve's Theater during our feature presentation and talkers will be wedgied severely!

Also, no cell phones or African-American berries in the theater. Please dispose of all trash in its proper receptacle. And NO TEXTING! I am VERY serious about that one. Put down your phones, people!

And be sure to dim your headlights (where applicable).


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