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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Thoughts From My Weekend ...

It has been a fairly busy weekend for me.

And just to let you know, MY definition of a crazy weekend differs from, say, Joe Average.

See, me, I'm the sort of person who would be perfectly happy just sitting alone by myself reading a book or watching bad movies. Just that all weekend. That, to me, is paradise. Just some coffee and some hyper-buttery popcorn and a stack of crappy ass Roger Corman movies.

Hell yes, my friends. Hell yes.

But I must say that I had a pretty heavy weekend, at least for a crazed shut-in such as myself.

So on saturday the whole family, including my very loud in-laws, went to Joe's Crab Shack in Oklahoma City. It was a drive. And it was a mess of a night. The place was so incredibly packed with loud people and loud music and disco lights. It was all so hectic and so LOUD (and on a freaking saturday night, no less) that I honestly started having a panic attack. It was too much for me. I figured that the sound and the commotion of a saturday night Joe's Crab Shack is probably equally similar to being stuck in the waiting room of Hell.

Damn good food, tho.

I went to church today. And yes, I know that me going to church might seem odd considering I have my very own cult-like religion that I'm famous for worldwide but my wife honestly believes in this bible crap and this Jesus stuff. And I want to support my wife, my awesome wife, my heavy-chested wife. She has big boobs. That's what I was trying to say. Anyway, I want to support her any way that I can.

So every sunday I go to church.


I don't get moved. I don't feel the hand of god or anything like that. But the singing is nice and the people are nice and there are some young women that always show up in the smallest, tightest skirts. It's like the lord is saying DAAAAAAAMN GURL you got a nice ASSSS!

And going to church gives me time to write in my book-slash-diary. And play with my phone. I have a new one. It's actually a SMART smart phone. I almost immediately downloaded a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas AND a Macho Man Randy Savage soundboard. That tells you something about me.

Anyway, more stuff happened. But it's getting late. Maybe I'll blog some more tomorrow.

Okay bye.

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