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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Know, I Know ...

This is a picture of my son. He's walking like crazy and I am very proud of him.

But see, the thing is, now that he's walking he has literally become a goddamned TERRORIST! He has taken my whole family hostage with his crazed baby shenanigans, running around, pulling stuff down off of tables, literally trying to eat EVERYTHING!

It's like, now that he's walking I just want him to STOP walking. Is that irony? I dunno.

I know I should post something here, something big and personal and meaningful. But I got nothing. I am a blank slate. I don't know what to say. I know I should say something or do something, but I just want to hide in my cave of a house and stay there forever, never come out.

I have been cutting again. I know I should stop.

Here are some pictures ...

... apparently my town has a racist ass Ace hardware store. Great. If I ever need a wrench I'll have to go a city or two down.

... that's the feel good story of the year! Oogieloves bombs fantastically! I jumped for joy when I heard about this all new worst movie ever. My wife won't let me go see it in our local theater. Bitch.

... don't remember what package this was on but I want to party with this super chill hipster bacon dude.

... that's my son. I could NOT be prouder.

Well, that's that.

Sorry there's not much to say.

My life is quiet here in Oklahoma. I really wish that I was living in Phoenix instead of here. That way I could be with family and friends instead of being basically air dropped into the middle of nowhere surrounded by hicks that just stare and laugh at me. I'm trying to make friends. But I'll never have the type of amazing friends I had in Sacramento. It's tough sometimes being here. Very tough.

But there's silence here, something I don't remember ever really having. Being in California meant that I was surrounded by noise. Here there are trees and forests and silence and it is amazing. Plus there's so much sky. I guess that's from the lack of buildings. But when I drive to work (about an hour each way) I drive over hills and thru wooded areas and past farms and it is a stunningly beautiful sight to see.

It's lonely here. But it is also beautiful.

But living with my in-laws is hard, especially now that my drunken, jobless brother-in-law is ALSO living in my in-laws house with us. He drinks a lot, is constantly on the television so that no one else can watch, and he bosses everyone around like he owns the house. He's a bully and it's difficult living with him.

What makes it more difficult is that my in-laws allow him to be this horrible person, allow him to boss everyone around, allow him to drink and drive and have no job and sleep the day away.

And yet, if I put a pan away in the wrong cabinet, oh man, I will get my ASS REAMED! My brother-in-law is allowed free reign to be this total dick and have to consequences for his hideous actions, and yet everything that I do is focused on with a microscope. It's frustrating and it makes me want to scream.

Hell, I'd get drunk about it if I wad allowed to have alcohol.

Well, looks like I DID have something to say.


Good for me.

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