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Monday, September 3, 2012

Steve's Church-less Movie Of the Week: Rerun With Special Bonus Attraction ...

Today's film has been shown before. Sorry.

To add to the rerun I have updated the feature. Kinda. The youtube player contains a massive movie playlist that will play today's first feature as well as classic previews and vintage intermission stuff and a general amount of Steve craziness. It has been also been recently updated so as to have all NEW craziness than the craziness it had back in the beginning of the year.

Also, the classic 80's documentary "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" will be shown after today's feature presentation.

So enjoy ...

Yoinked from wikipedia and 1000 misspent along with my own bad movie knowledge ...

"Invasion of the Saucer Men (also known as Invasion of the Hell Creatures, working title - Spacemen Saturday Night) is a 1957 sci-fi comedy film starring Steven Terrell and Gloria Castillo and personally produced by James H. Nicholson for his American International Pictures (AIP). The screenplay by Robert J Gurney Jr and Al Martin was based on the 1955 short story 'The Cosmic Frame' by Paul W. Fairman. The film was released as a double feature with I Was a Teenage Werewolf.

Special effects technician Paul Blaisdell who did the alien make-up recalled that the film was intended to be filmed as a serious feature but gradually fell into a comedy. The entire film takes place in the period of one night with 98% shot on a studio soundstage. The film features an evil alien hand that crawls around and stabs a car's tires with needle-like nails, hence the film's inclusion in today's handy double feature.

What a demented little movie! Pretty much the only concession to logic that Invasion of the Saucer Men makes lies in its (probably budget-driven) symmetry between the alien threat and the force used to defeat it. For once, we’re presented with an alien invasion that a bunch of eerily clean-cut teenagers could plausibly handle! Of course, that raises the question of what alien civilization in its right mind would try to conquer the Earth with six guys and a highly inflammable spaceship, but sometimes it doesn’t pay to think too hard about these things.

Larry Buchanan cheaply remade the film in color in 1966 as a made for television movie for AIP-TV as The Eye Creatures. The The Lillingtons had a song entitled Invasion of the Saucermen on their Death by Television album. The TV series Futurama based the appearance of character Morbo off of the aliens in this film."

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So here is the main feature for your punk ass.

Enjoy ...

And now ...

Here's more ...

Yoinked from the almighty wikipedia god ...

"Heavy Metal Parking Lot is a video documentary short produced by Jeff Krulik and John Heyn in 1986.

Heavy Metal Parking Lot documents heavy metal music fans tailgating in the parking lot outside the Capital Centre (which was demolished in December 2002) in Landover, Maryland, on May 31, 1986, before a Judas Priest concert (with opening act Dokken).

By the early 1990s, Heavy Metal Parking Lot had become an underground cult-classic, usually traded on bootleg VHS videotapes. It was reportedly a favorite on the Nirvana tour bus, among many other bands. Due to growing popular demand for the film, music-rights issues were finally sorted out with Judas Priest.

In 2004, Trio broadcast the TV series Parking Lot, which expanded on the 1986 documentary. Created and co-produced by the original filmmakers, John Heyn and Jeff Krulik (in association with Radical Media), eight episodes were broadcast before Trio TV went off the air in 2006.

In 2006, the documentary was finally released on DVD. Released in late May of that year which marked the 20th anniversary of the filming, the DVD version contains the original 17 minute run. Also including 2 hours of bonus features that were left out of the original version and finally an interview with the infamous Zebra-man (a 22 year old at the time) of whom was tracked down and interviewed by both Krulik and Heyn in the summer of 1999 (13 years after the original filming)."

I was never that into metal growing up. I was more into Wierd Al and old Monty Python records. I didn't get into real "music" until I was much, much older. So even though I lived through this little period of metal music, I was never into it.

No, see, metal music was my older brother Joe. Man, you should see the pictures of him in the eighties! Typical long haired metal buttrocker carrying a guitar around everywhere. Smoking up a chimney. I looked up to him. Still do. Still, it's amazing how times change.

Still, even though I wasn't a metal buttrocker, this short little movie is supremely hard to watch. Embarrassing as all hell to watch.

Enjoy ...

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