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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hello From Hell ...

So I have a house now.

It may have no wifi and no internet and no Netflix and no cable and no tv stations and no microwave and a serious bug problem, but it is OUR problem in OUR house and thank WOOD for that!

Yes! I am finally out of my in-law's house! I am finally out of a house where my violent, alcoholic brother-in-law sleeps on the floor in front of the tv until noon or one pm and then IMMEDIATELY starts drinking. A huuuuge alcoholic. No job. No life. A complete discrace to himself and his daughter. He needs help. He needs to get his life straightened up. But he is allowed to ruin his life and run the house and yell at everyone and drink and drive with NO reprocussions. None at all. He is never told off and when he is it doesn't take, he doesn't listen, he doesn't care and he continues being an a-hole... whereas I will have my ass literally handed to me if I put a cup on the wrong shelf or eat a bag of popcorn that I shouldn't have but wasn't told about. The real villain gets away scott free while the nice guy, me, constantlt gets yelled at and bitched at and just gets so much crap. It's unfair. It'd all just pointless bullshit and, thankfully, it is NO LONGER my problem!

Hells yes!

Anyway, you may have noticed that the pictures in my last post are all crooked and loopsy. That is because I am trying my darndest to be able to post on my blog from my phone but these apps can suck it and die. They either don't work or they post stuff wrong like the crooked pictures you see below. I am currently posting from a nook tablet at my in-law's place if you are wondering.

I apologize for the pictures.

I swear things will return to normal soon.

I hope.

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