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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another Library "Incident" ...

I have talked about the Shawnee, Oklahoma library on this blog before.

However, to summarize:
It's small,
their selection is tiny,
and the majority of the people there are scary as hell.

But I love it and i'm there all the time nonetheless, although occasionally the ghetto patrons really depress me.

But there was a little "incident" today i'd thought I would mention.

See, here's another thing about that library you should know...

90% of the employees are elderly women who seemingly spend most of their time on facebook.

Bela got incredibly upset today because one of these old grannies yelled at her, straight angry barked at her, Cujo-style.

We were in the children's area. There were toys all over the floor, per the norm, and Bela instinctively kicked one of them veeeerrrry lightly with her foot. Then this crusty old dustvaj woman barked hard at her not to kick the toys.

See, it was surprising primarily because usually these old women literally just gossip and do nothing and screw around on facebook and generally fuck around doing everything EXCEPT occasionally help people or do their job.

So it's strange to see one actually doing their job. What, was facebook broken?

But the thing is is that usually the kids section is filled with the WORST kids ever! It's full of kids with no supervision, rude little hellions, loud brats, really mean spirited ghetto kids and a bunch of lazy ass little fucks who scream and throw shit and leave shit everywhere and are literally a million times worse than my daughter's light kick. My kid didn't deserve this. 


Fuck everything.

And, for those of you still keeping score, in three hours I will have passed nine straight days of being completely asthma free.

I don't know how the hell I did it, but praise is deserved nevertheless!

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