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Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Most Dangerous Cult In Oklahoma ...

I'm worried about writing these words.

The people who follow this cult are dangerously loyal. They have patterened their whole lives and identities around this one institution. Living in Oklahoma, I know that bad mouthing this group of people can seriously threaten your safety.

But here it goes ...

The biggest cult in this state is the fanatic cult known as OU football.

Everyone around me bases their whole LIVES on this little college football team. It's strange, especially to an outsider from a state with a major NBA team, a major NFL team, a hockey team, a women's basketball team, and every other sort of team you could think of. It's strange that a state with a major NBA team is twice as obsessed with a small college football team as they are with their awesome basketball team. But that's Oklahoma. That's the midwest. That's life around here.

I mean, I KNOW that they have a huge history and are a major collegiate football team and tradition and history and blah blah blah but I guess I just don't understand why college sports are valued so much around here, even more so than more mainstream and reputable sports like the NFL or the NBA. I don't get it.

But I do know that on a major game day the whole of Norman pretty much STOPS!

You have not fully known the meaning of the word "BOREDOM" until you have worked for a major retail store in Norman, Oklahoma during the college football season. Today is the apparently big OU vs. Texas game and the streets are like The Walking Dead all up in here.

In fact, I just had a call from a mom wondering if, because of the OU game, we were cancelling today's storytime.

That's nuts. I just don't get sports, let alone sports fanaticism, let alone COLLEGE sports fanaticism. Sometimes it seems as of everyone here is a weirdo except me.

Or, hell, maybe I'm the strange one. I guess I should just give in, get OU tattooed on my face. And then become an upper class white Christian male.

(Gee. That last one is gonna be harder for me, the white part at least)

This is post #2,110 on this blog, by the way. So yay me.

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Skoats said...

Not that I'm an Oklahoma fan, but they're far from a little football team. This is from Wikipedia, " The program began in 1895 and is the most successful program of the modern era (post World War II) with 567 wins and a winning percentage of .763 since 1945.The program has 7 national championships, 44 conference championships, 152 All-Americans (74 consensus), and five Heisman Trophy winners. In addition, the school has had five coaches and 17 players inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame and holds the record for the longest winning streak in Division I-FBS history with 47 straight victories. Oklahoma is also the only program that has had four coaches with 100+ wins, including current head coach Bob Stoops" Most college football programs would love to have that kind of resume.