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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Arch Emeny, Returned ...

There's a big grocery store near our house. Firelake. It's owned by the Indian Reservation people. It's local and it's huge and it's altogether pretty darn nice.

It is a nice place. Like it. Not knocking it.

There's a section in the back where they sell old used dvds for a dollar. I frequent it, obviously. I've gotten a bunch of bad movies there, horror movies, The Manster, Persepolis, Frogs, Killers from Space riffed by The Film Crew, and all for just a buck.

Good stuff, right?

I got one yesterday. It was The Bob Newhart Show, season one. I thought that was a pretty sweet score.

And for the first time, I took a close look at the "previously viewed" sticker.

The sticker underneath it is actually an old rental sticker, VERRRRRY old, from my old arch-rival, my first employer, the one that regularly worked me ten to thirteen hours straight in a single day and all alone with no lunch break or bathroom breaks like a goddamn slave (right to work states can kiss my ass) and then fired my brown ass after I tried fighting them about it. My district manager regularly tried to supress my protests and my store manager dreamed of being a porn actor and hired hot, dumb high school chicks who called in sick because they felt like it.

It was hell, the worst job I ever had. It drove me to drink and various criminal acts. I hated it so much that swore revenge on the whole corporation and never got a chance to see it thru because the whole company eventually went belly up.

Hollywood Video.

Hollywood fucking Video.

Sometimes I honestly regret that they went out of business before I could enact horrible revenge on them.

And it was truly going to be horrible revenge, too. Like, serious espionage ninja sabotage revenge shit. But now they're all closed down and i'm left with impotent revenge fantasies. Sucks.

Anyway, I'm trying not to take it out on Bob Newhart, you know?

It's not his fault.

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