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Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Quick Status Update ...


-I'm still alive.

-Our Nintendo Wii, the one that's broken? We got it out of storage,  tried it, and like Jesus it came back from the dead and is now once more spreading the good word of Wii Bowling and Super Mario Galaxy. Praise Nintendo!

-Oklahoma is crazy racist, I think. First, there's the racist verbal attack that occurred a few days ago at Kmart. Then there's my work and I'm just so sick and tired of every other customer in this damn state trying, struggling, to NOT look me in the eyes or say hello or even recognize me as a human being with thoughts and emotions. I regularly have old women hold their purses while walking past me. WUT DAFUQ?!?!? And the customers that DO talk to me are quick to ask "Do you work here?" like they're not entirely sure if the mexican actually works here. I mean, maaaybe he's just a janitor, right? It's all so deeeeply frustrating!

-It might also be sexism that I'm battling at my job. When you go to the kids section of a bookstore you don't expect to see a long haired, fairly young mexican male in a suit. No. You expect an overweight, middle-aged white chick, not me. Soooo I'm fighting racism AAAAAND sexism. Yay for me. Right?

-My wife and I are going thru ... things. And I'll just leave it at that.

-I still have 17 freaking days left to wait until AT&T gets off their duffs and FINALLY give my house wifi. I don't know if I can stand this wait. WHY SUCH A LONG WAIT?!?!

-Thor 2 was pretty fun.

-I have recently set myself to downloading every single episode of the show Cheap Seats, featured on the previous post. I have a good 30-35 episodes on my laptop, so I'm never bored at home. Nope. It really makes being a stay at home dad so much more entertaining. It's some goooooooood watching.

-Mo Willems is a god.

-One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone decides not to buy something at a store because "It's cheaper online." Guess what, dumbass? EVERYTHING'S CHEAPER ONLINE! But if you buy everything online then every actual brick and mortar store you love will go out of fucking business and it will be ALL YOUR FAULT! So have fun buying everything on Amazon, asshole, because soon every damn store will whither and die and it's all because of you!

-I will be turning 37 in two months. I'm not excited.

That's about it.

More later.

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