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Friday, January 31, 2014

Steve's Cabin Fever Week: An Explanation ...


It's me.

So, you liking all the free movies and stuff on my blog this week? It's pretty cool, right?

Doing that, posting all these free movies this week, has reeeeeally done a great job of keeping me sane and not making me blow my brains out.

See, I've been trapped in this house of mine for over a week. It's given me a baaad case of cabin fever, it really has, and as you can see from the picture there, I'm kinda sorta going just a wee bit insane.

Let me explain ...

So I was in a wee little fender bender with a massive deer a few months back. Besides almost ripping off my bumper, the accident bent the rim of my front right side tire slightly inward. I didn't think it was a big deal.

That was, I didn't think it was a big deal until I got off of work on thursday and noticed that the tire was completely flat.

And did I also mention that our spare tire exploded a few months ago?

So then I wait until forever in 18-degree weather ("Fuck you, Al Gooooooore!") until a redneck tow truck guy finally came to get me. And did I mention that he got my name wrong?

My real and unfortunately wetback-sounding name is Esteban, not ...

Now I'm Esten Ban. Great. Thanks, white America.

So I get my car towed to Wallymarts only to learn that because my rim is bent they would NOT fix my tire. Oh, and get this, they do NOT sell rims there. Wow. Now I'm stuck at Wal-Mart. Fucking great. They were fucking worthless.

But they DID let me know about another car place that they knew about. It was just down the street and they told me that they most definitely sell rims.

So I went there. And they definitely could get me a new rip. In about a week and a half.

So, basically, I was still completely fucked.

I got Wallymarts to fill my tire and decided to see how far I could go on it. And I drove the car about two miles until I could go no further. Eventually my father in law came to help me. And by eventually I mean almost five hours. I got out of work at 3pm that day. I ended up getting back home right before 10pm.

Undaunted, we managed to borrow a spare from my brother-in-law. He had never used it. He said it was brand new.

Apparently he never borrowed to LOOK at said spare. It was most definitely used before. Way used. And it exploded on us. I had to call in sick this past saturday AND sunday.

Now slightly daunted but nevertheless fairly undaunted, we eventually found a place that could get us a rim and for a fairly low price. They said it would get here no later than friday, which is great because that means that I could go back to work on thursday.

Turns out THEY LOST THE RIM in transit!!!

What the FUCK is wrong with my life?!?!


So I had to call in sick yesterday ass well. And the rim people say that it won't arrive later than today, which means that hopefully I will be able to go to work tomorrow. I don't want to have to miss any more work. Things are rough at work and I don't want to give them reason to lay me off. There's also the cabin fever thing. See, aside from spending some time playing at the park and taking Isabela to and picking her up from the bus stop, I have not left this house since the 23rd. I'm going crazy over here.

My wife has been working all day today. And I just learned that she's going to be staying at work later today. So she hasn't been able to check her phone and see if the rm people have called. I'm on pins and needles here. Please say the rim arrived. Please say we can fix this tire thing.

I can't miss any more work. I just can't.

Plus, and this is most important, I just want to get out of the fucking house.

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