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Monday, February 17, 2014

A Week Into Netflix ...

-Having been tv-less for a number of years, it's so nice watch Bob's Burgers again. And Family Guy. I haven't seen that since they did the first Star Wars parody. And that was forever ago, right? And I pretty much missed out on the last two seasons of Futurama, the new ones, so it's good to see that again, too. Soooo nice to watch tv shows. Really nice.

-Three years ago was when we first had Netflix. Then we stopped for a few years. But now we're back. Now, a whole lot of movies and tv shows have left Netflix since we last had it. And out of all the shows that are gone now, I think that I miss Monty Python the most.

-I don't like things that everyone else liked. That's my inner hipster. I purposefully go against whatever gets picked up by mainstream society. I never saw Swingers, The Sixth Sense, Entourage, Mad Men. I avoided Friends. I liked the comic book The Walking Dead but I rebelled against the show. Jay Leno is the absolute worse person ever. If there's something that's big, I am automatically against it. That's me. So. That being said, I fucking LOOOOVE "Orange Is The New Black". It is the absolute best. But then again, I really loved Weeds, so I knew I'd like this. Shit's damn good.

-Ok. My Little Pony is cute. I'll admit that. And I have noooooo problem with letting my son like ponies. I have no problem with that. But GAWD Pound Puppies is the absolute worst piece of shite imaginable. It's like my kids watch it and my goddamn brain starts to fucking melt.

More later ...

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