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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Today Is The Day (Revised) ...

I have been feeling increasingly paranoid lately.

I feel like at any second I'm going to be in trouble for something really bad, despite the fact that I didn't actually DO anything.

I feel ...

Well, I feel like THIS ...

The Onion: Today The Day They Find Out You’re A Fraud

That nailed it.

This is probably due to my being off my meds.

Ok, let's get into this ...

I am bipolar. And I was taking meds. But (I think it was) this summer (I believe) I made the conscious decision to quit all my meds cold turkey.

Now, for almost 98% of you out there who may be suffering from bipolar disorder or manic depression, I say this: DON'T QUIT YOUR MEDS!!! I know you might think they're holding you down and you will feel better without them, but you're wrong. It's a classic mistake for people with bipolar disorder to give up on their medications and try to continue on, but all that will do is drive you insane. Don't do it!

That being said, I did in fact do that and I'm feeling fine.

But that is because I was misdiagnosed at first. I started taking some pills for "depression" and not bipolar disorder. Then, when I learned that I had bipolar, my doctor did NOT put me on something else and instead I was given yet another med to go on top of the depression pills I was on before. And OF COURSE both pills started fighting against each other. And neither of them were for bipolar disorder.

So basically I was on the wrong medication. And I guess I just kept taking them out of habit. Which is bad. That's a bad reason to keep doing ANYTHING.

Maybe one day I'll get back on meds, the RIGHT meds, but not now.

Being a bit paranoid is a small price to pay from being free from chemicals that rot your brain.

Also, and I hope you are still reading this, I have been doing storytimes for kids every week for well over 11 years. And in celebration of this I've compiled a big photo album of over 50 pictures and hilarious stories from over a decade of entertaining children and it would really help me out if you could click on it, check it out, and maybe share it with your friends ...


Seriously, if you could plllllleeeeease share the photo album on your Facebook page it would really help me out. It only takes a second and I am really trying to get my name out there. So a quick share would really help me out. Plus, it's pretty cute and fairly hilarious, so bonus.

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