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Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Few Random Thoughts Regarding My Birthday ...

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present ...


"Uhh, hit me, funky spock/uhh, yeauhh, it's funky spock ..." That's the Funky Spock theme song. I was singing it all day yesterday. And, yes, it IS a tribble there doubling as his funky seventies afro. I think it's clever.

So ...

It's a lazy Sunday here in the Galindo compound and my eight year old daughter is currently Netflix obsessed with the cartoon Digimon. My head is swimming as a result of this show, by the way.

If you have never watched an episode of Digimon then consider yourself extremely lucky. I seriously sincerely doubt that there is another cartoon out there that can match Digimon for sheer loud annoyance and pointless, badly written stupidity. Honestly, my brain melts every time that this horribly hideous piece of animated crap is playing.

So yesterday was my birthday.


I'm 37 now, if you're taking score at home. Yesterday I make the connection that being 37 makes me the same age as Dennis the "Old Woman" from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" which is a pretty fun geek thing to be aware of. I found myself repeatedly thinking "I'm 37, I'm not OLD!" in an english accent just like Michael Palin when he's collecting filth in the fields.

So this birthday once again forcefully pushes me just one step closer to 40.

Yay for me, he typed sarcastically.

Anyway, THIS was my birthday jam yesterday ...

I like the use of bad movies like "Gamera vs. Guiron" and "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians" and "Beach Girls and the Monsters" in that birthday video there. Good stuff.

So, about the drive-in ...

I was reeeeaaaallllly looking forward to going to the Chief drive-in this weekend to watch their epic triple feature. It was going to be my big birthday bash. But then it was going to rain the night of my birthday, so we decided to go on friday instead. I spend about almost two fucking hours getting the van ready, removing seats, packing up stuff, moving extremely heavy shit around, packing up stuff.

It took a very loooooooong time and a LOT of work, is what I'm trying to express to you here.

Then we left. And the van started overheating.

So no drive-in. Maybe some other time. Sigh.

But everything else was fun. Work was good. I took my youngest daughter with me so she could have a playdate. We took a fun stop at a Hastings on our way home, hence the Funky Spock and the picture above with the goggles and stuff. The night of my birthday was filled with presents and food and snacks and toys that Maxwell will no doubt steal from me and a bunch of stupid youtube videos. And a beer or two. Nothing big, nothing small, just us having fun.

Now today we are going to go eat at my favorite Chinese buffet place. And hopefully next weekend's drive-in movies will be just as cool as this weekend's movies.

Hope you enjoy The Manster. It's a classic.

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