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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Church-less Movie Of The Week: An Explanation ...

Old picture. Crrrazy old. But it's a topical picture.

Ok. Lets get into this ...

I realize that, since I've been blogging for well over a decade, many of my casual fans might not know all of this blog's tremendous backstory, like why I post free movies every weekend and why they are called Church-less Movies of the Week.

So here's an explanation...

In December of 2008 I was still living in Sacramento, California with my wife and, back then, two kids. And for reasons unknown to me, my wife was 100% convinced that we all just absolutely HAD to go to church every weekend. I mean, know we're both sort of in agreement with the fact that organized religion is bullshit and we don't bother going. But back then we just HAD TO, HAD TO, HAD TO go every freaking sunday. It sucked. It was a dark time.

About the church:

It was a very small church with a very small congregation that was located in what seemed to be an old converted office space in the industrial part of town. There was no air conditioning or heating, which made the two to three hours of prayer really horrible on hot or freezing cold days. The pastor had a huuuuuuuge southern accent and therefore loved spending 2+ hours every sunday talking about "Gee-shush." He was a Vietnam vet, which is where he met his wife ... beeeeeecause his wife used to be a prostitute. "Me love you long time" sort of thing. In his spare time the pastor would sell things from the back of his car. His daughter would lead the singing... and it would just go on and on and on an ONNNNN. And she was very nasally. And did I mention that 70% of the congregation was Korean? Because that's true. It was chock full of Koreans. They would have a Korean language Bible study group after church each week and I always suspected that they weren't actually doing any Bible study because it always sounded like they were screaming at each other and fighting and stuff. The cliques there were extreme. The belief system was at times pretty extreme, too. At one point, the pastor received a hearty round of applause for stating that there was more proof that Jesus was alive than George Washington. Can you believe that? People would applaud even the stupidest beliefs.

Needless to say, I did NOT like church.

One day I sat my wife down and told her I couldn't go to church anymore, I couldn't do it, I wasn't getting anything out of it, I hated it.

In fact, I told her that I would get more out of staying home and watching bad movies than I would going to church.

Amazingly, she agreed.

So starting in December 2008 I stayed at home on sundays and watched bad movies instead of going to church. Those were my church-free bad movie day.

At first I just watched the movies on dvd at home and I would just post it here on my blog and it was only occasionally that I would post the movie here. But people really seemed to appreciate those times when I would find the entire movie online and share it with everyone. So I just started doing that. And I've been doing it for well over five years now.

I considered changing the name of my free movies, something like "Free Movie Of The Week." But I've been calling it the "Church-less" movie for over half a decade now and I just can't stop that.

Anyway, hope you like this week's movie. It's a pretty good bad one. I'm probably going to start showing Godzilla films more often, what with the new movie coming out soon.

See you later.

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