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Friday, March 14, 2014

My Tattoo (Postponed) ...

I have had a tattoo idea for a few decades now. It's a damn good idea. And last year my wife got it in her head to make that idea a reality.

Basically it's a cheesy ass armband bicep tattoo that's popular with douchebags and bros who lift ...

... but instead of some tribal crap or some razor design, it will be theater seats and right outside my arm will be Mike and the 'bots from Mystery Science Theater 3000!

A pretty great idea, I think.

But I never expected to be able to afford getting yet another bad movie tattoo. Like I said, my wife tried to get me the tattoo last year on my birthday but we didn't have the money back then. Now, though, we most definitely have the money and we WERE going to go and have it done today.

Unfortunately, however, my son has a naaaasty stomach bug, one that has been completely laying waste to a majority of the grown up fellow employees of my wife's job right now. This is a SEVERE illness. It's nasty. And it's really sad thinking about my Maxwell having to learn what vomiting is, you know? But, thankfully, my boy is slowly on the mend.

Sadly, I cannot in good faith ask my sick two year old to be cool with hanging out at some dude's house while I get drawn on for a few hours, not to mention the fact that the guy who was going to do my tat has a young daughter who just had surgery, so it's probably not the best idea to have my sick son hanging out with someone who just got cut open. Right?

So my kickass MST3K tattoo will have to be put on hold.

Next friday. Definitely.

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