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Sunday, March 2, 2014

So I'm Stuck In A Damn Snowstorm ...

When I left Shawnee to go to work early this afternoon, there was about an inch of snow and ice and sleet covering the car and a ultra mega crap ton bunch of snow and ice on the road. However, there were only slight flurries coming down, so not that much snow, really.

The drive to Norman for work was ... interesting. It eventually became a race against time for me to try and get to work before the windshield completely iced up and I couldn't see anymore.

As is usually the case, the weather conditions just got worse and worse the closer I got to Norman. I don't know why Norman is the sort of epicenter of bad weather but I do know that my home usually does NOT get as bad of weather as Norman does.

The parking lot of my work was hell. Absolute hell.

Imagine an ice rink.

Now imagine people parking on the ice rink.

THAT is my parking situation. I was inches away from crashing into a big truck when I parked. And walking to work was so perilous that I actually got a round of applause for NOT falling when I walked in to my work.

Cut to two hours later. The situation outside just keeps getting more severe. The visibility outside is hazy at best. There's major chunks of ice and sleet coming down pretty hard. There's also what sounds like thunder (???) and the lights have flickered on and off enough for me to start carrying a flashlight around.

And what's worse is that I still have a 50 minute drive home.

Fuck this.

Fuck weather.

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Most glorious Pope Of Woodism, I saw this pic @ Facebook and thought you may find it amusing...

Woodness be with ye & stay on groovin' (even if iced) safari, Tor