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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Things I've Been Doing Lately As A Stay-At-Home Dad ...

-Hiding in the covers whenever Maxwell thinks an invisible monster is coming.

-Slowly watching all of Arrested Development.

-Watching a LOT of the Despicable Me movies.

-Getting a lot of new songs from bands I've never gotten into before: The Lilingtons, The Ergs, Chixdiggit!, Stereotypewriter, The Queers.

-Watch a lot of Super Why.

-Preparing Isabela for whatever crazy spirit day she has at school. For example, this is a picture from her Crazy Hair and Crazy Hat Day. Notice how I killed two birds with one awesome stone ...

-Playing superhero with Maxwell.

-Watching a lot of old school Sesame Street.

-I have noticed that for the first time ever Maxwell is playing with his toys in the bath with coherent plot lines and good guys and bad guys. So I take notice of what he's doing and post the plot lines on my facebook page under the title "TODAY IN THE BATH." Good stuff. It's popular, too. I think I might try and spin it into something like maybe a new blog or something.

-Occasionally forgetting that I own stupid dogs.

-Cleaning up all the messes and doing all the dishes and washing all the clothes. In fact, it's pretty amazing how quickly the roles have changed in my family. I used to be the full time employee of a major corporation, getting tortured by the system, coming home mentally and physically exhausted while my wife did all the cleaning. Now I'm the one doing all the cleaning and she's the one coming home and falling asleep. Sigh. Oh well.

-Watching a lot of superhero cartoons.

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