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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Various Sentences (And Cleavage Shots) ...

-I am disgusted by how many times my family and I say "AWWWW, that's so CUUUUUTE" while watching the Animal Planet show Too Cute.

-I have extremely successful storytimes that bring in customers and money into the store and I really go all out for each and every single one of them ... and it doesn't seem as if any of the managers particularly care.

-My wife tried to get me to look at a picture in her medical textbook the other day and I was like NOOOOOOOO because I have been burned by that shit before and I don't particularly feel like feeling extremely paranoid about some hideous disease all day, thank you very much.

-My man Adam Warrock's new album "The Middle of Nowhere" is amazing - and a few songs really made me think, too.

-My birthday is two saturdays from now on the 22nd, FYI.

-Shawnee, Oklahoma has recently started a recycling program ... but, since this is the midwest, almost everyone hates it and doesn't trust the system and pretty much every street is littered with the ridiculously small recycling bins that have been abandoned by the slack-jawed yokels that refuse to trust the "gubmint".

-We grounded my oldest daughter from all electronics and, without having her face buried in a Nook or a tablet all day, I can't remember when she was ever this nice and friendly to me.

-I took this picture of a scene from Phineas and Ferb because it perfectly describes how I feel after a day of taking care of the kids ...

-Netflix just suggested that I might like a documentary called "Hip Hop Life" because Netflix KNOWS that I'm a serious hardcore ass brotha from the streeetzzzzz!

-Seriously, guys, how HORRIBLE does this look ...

-I honestly feel that, while America as a whole has greatly improved in its feelings towards blacks and asians and other races, it is still widely acceptable to be extremely racist towards Mexicans and Mexican-Americans and pretty much anyone who even looks remotely Mexican, like me.

-I am really proud with the level of awesome that has been regularly coming out of this blog lately.

-DAMMMIT, Netflix, I don't want to watch "Arrow" so stop showing me some emaciated looking male model's nipples, okay?!?

-You should sign up for the chat room on the right side of this blog and chat with me so that I don't get lonely.

... aaaaand, just to get some cheap page views to this place, here's some awesome gratuitous cleavage pictures:


Catch you later, everybody.

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