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Friday, April 25, 2014

A Wednesday For Myself (And A Small Wes Anderson Movie Review) ...

I've been a stay at home dad for eight or nine months now.

Gawd, I had no idea how HARRRRD this job really is!

My days are filled with making breakfast, cooking lunch, cleaning the house, getting the girls to school in the morning and helping them with homework in the afternoon, scrubbing our crrrazy messy floors, washing clothes and hanging them up to dry outside, cleaning the dishes, throwing out the trash, taking care of the stupid dogs, trying to potty train a "spirited" two year old, and (usually) making dinner because my wife is either at school or sleeping.

This is a hard ass job!

So on Wednesday I decided to take myself out to the movies.

I mean, I don't know when the last time was that I saw a movie in the theaters (not including the drive-in). Hell, I don't remember when the last time was that I actually got out of the house on a freaking WEEKDAY, let alone went to the movies, you know?

So I took a bit of a day for myself.

Here are the pictures ...

First, we did a ton of playing outside before I went.

This is me walking to the theater. Notice the cheesy J.J. Abrams lens flare that I stumbled onto there ...

This is the movie I went to see. The Grand Budapest Hotel. I'm a big fan of Wes Anderson. The Life Aquatic is the absolute top of my personal all time top five movies of ever, with Darjeeling Limited probably falling somewhere else in that list. So my excitement level for this movie was pretty high.

Now, here's the thing ...

I live in the middle of nowhere, specifically in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Small town. Bible belt. Tornado alley. Possibly racist. Prrrobably racist. Rednecks in pickup trucks and churches and pawn shops as far as the eye can see.

Gawd I hate this place!

I saw this movie on a weekday at 5:55pm which, in Midwestern terms, would definitely be considered late at night, which is pretty sad. Plus, that time frame is right when people usually eat dinner around here, which these repressed okies call "supper" for reasons I have yet to wrap my brown little head around.




I had a great time. Wes Anderson carefully constructs these intricate and highly detailed little worlds that you just want to dive right into and live in and fall in love with and taste and touch. This movie was no different. I must say, though, it was muuuuuch darker than I was expecting. There was murder and death and intense suspense and fingers chopped off and gun play and a beheading and a bunch of killing. It was sooooo much darker than I had realized. But despite the darkness it was still at its core a delightful Wes Anderson movie. Plus, it was great seeing the familiar faces of the Anderson repertoire, including two new faces from his last adorable film Moonrise Kingdom. Yayyyy!

The film also spoke to me personally. Seeing this touching film about, ostensibly, a grand old hotel and its glory days reminded me of my own childhood days spend in Douglas, Arizona and the legendary Gadsden hotel. This film reminded me of my lonely ass childhood, of my days in Douglas, of my poor deceased grandparents whom I loved but also barely knew, and it reminded me that I really should try and visit my parents while I still can.

On my way to my car I stopped and stared at the clouds on the horizon. There were dark and menacing and utterly gorgeous.

My wife and I are having some problems.

She bullies me at times and is usually way too busy for me and I am waaaay too dependent on other people to validate my own sense of self worth.

So now she's trying to be nicer to me and, hopefully, find time to be with me while I am deeeesperately trying to find a little time for myself and not be so dependent on my wife to validate my self esteem, you know?

Wish me luck.

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