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Sunday, May 18, 2014

My Damn Day ...

This has been my day ...

I was woken up at 330am by a screaming baby, once again freaking out because his mother is gone, once again screaming MOMMY GONE and kicking and throwing stuff and completely refusing my help. What a great start to my day, right?

Maxwell eventually fell back asleep around six, but since I had to work today I had to wake up about an hour later. Breakfast, then a looong drive to work, then a looooong and extremely hard day at work where I was prrretty much the ONLY person on the floor, then a loooooong drive home.

The kids destroyed the house while I was gone, so I get home and got to work. I cleaned the house, did the dishes, washed clothes, and mowed the freaking lawn (and we have a HUUUUUUGE lawn).

Then I came back into the house, cooked dinner for four kids, hung up the wet clothes, and sent the kids to bed.

And I should mention that, since I barely eat food anymore, I did all this madness only on some crappy cheap chips and one ding dong all day. I really should consider consuming that which you hu-mans call "foodstuffs."

So that was my crazy long and super busy day. And I did it all by myself.

I'm basically a part time single father now. I'm a married single dad.

That's pretty sad, right?

Well, here's some pictures to cheer things up.

See, I had a few leftover finger mustache tattoos from storytime that I gave to the kids to distract them while I mowed and, when I was done mowing, my oldest daughter came out with Maxwell. Apparently she had done THIS ...

I win today.

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