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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Well, I Did It ...

I told the kids I worked late on Saturday.

I do not, in fact, get off at 6pm. That was a lie. I actually get off at 2:30pm.

See, after weeks of debate and internal discussion, I just said FUCK IT and bought myself a ticket to go and see the new Godzilla movie at the legendary IMAX 3D screen at the amazing Warren Theater in Moore, Oklahoma.

I would feel bad about lying to the kids. But I don't.

See, this has been my day today ... I've been cleaning the entire house by myself while also spending quality time with my son and waiting for my daughters to show up so that we can hang out and all on about four hours of sleep. It's been a hardcore, balls to the wall, non stop working day for me. And that is pretty much my life now. There is never a rest for me. No rest for the reverend. It's all out all the time.

My wife is gone. She is gone for a while. I love her, I do. Please believe me.

I don't rrreally know where she is or what she's doing. She's visiting her friend but she hasn't given me the most concrete information on this trip of hers. I mean, for all I know she's in Vegas or Ibiza partying it up, not that I think she's doing that. I trust her. I do. But that doesn't really matter because even when she IS here I barely see her. She's too busy working and going to school and discovering who she is, which is fine by me because she's my wife and I love her, but suddenly I have become the ROCK of the family, the one doing all the work that it takes to keep this family together. I'm cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids, running errands, helping with homework, doing dishes, washing clothes, raising three kids, and let me tell you I am really starting to feel exhausted by the sheer weight of it all.

Given all that, I think I deserve this. I have spent almost this entire last year sacrificing my life for the sake of everyone around me. I do everything for everyone. In fact, it is a rare day when I ever get any time to myself.

I deserve some me time.

I deserve Godzilla.

I deserve this.

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