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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dreading Father's Day ...

I am dreading Father's Day this weekend.

And it's partially my own fault.

See, I go all out for everyone for pretty much every special day. My wife's birthday. Mother's Day. Christmas. I go all out. I am VERY GOOD at picking up the perfect present. This is because I LITERALLY look for presents all year long. In fact, last month I found the perfect birthday present for my soon to be thirteen year old daughter. The problem: her birthday isn't until December. THAT is how I work. I love my wife and kids and I want their special days to be extra special. In fact, when Christmas comes around, in all honesty, I'm usually the one who does all the shopping for the kids. I'm just good. I've always been good at knowing what people want.

My wife and kids, though, they suck.

And when Father's Day rolls around what I usually get is a hastily prepared homemade card made by the kids at the last second because they obviously forgot all about Father's Day and my wife asking me "So what do you want on Father's Day?"

I fucking dread Father's Day.

It's never important. Mother's Day is one of the biggest and most important days of the year but Father's Day is more commonly known around our house as "CRRRRRAP WE FORGOT FATHER'S DAY QUICK MAKE SOMETHING FOR HIM!" And I honestly think that I sometimes subconsciously make Mother' Day into this big ass deal for my wife just so that she'll get the hint and try to actually make Father's Day special for me for once.

But no. Nothing. No big day. It never is. And, what with my distracted wife and her very active social life and all, I don't even know if she'll be around for Father's Day.

Noooot looking forward to this Sunday.

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