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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Married Single Father ...

Hi. It's me again.

How are you doing? Good? Good.

Hey, while I've got you here, HAVE YOU SEEN MY STORYTIME PHOTO ALBUM YET? If not, then please click the link that's there and, when you're done perusing, pleeeeeeeeease share it on Facebook.

In fact, I'm so proud of this album of pictures and proud of my extraordinary storytime style that I just spent about an hour posting a heartfelt plea for people to share my album on prrrrretty much every major and popular blog post that I've written here over the last six years. So hopefully that will help in getting my name and my talents out there, you know?


I'm alone. Again.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not alone. I've got my three and a half children here with me. Em and Amber are in their room like always, the freaking tweens. They're SUCH tweens, it's disgusting. And Maxwell and Isabela are in our rinky dinky little pool hanging out and playing and hopefully not getting too burned ...

So I have company. I do.

But I still feel so alone.

Well, it's been about ten days since I've started my new adventure of actually trying to have a life of my own and I guess it's going good. I'm trying to be bolder, trying to make friends, trying to be more of a Yes Man and say yes to everything I would normally say no to and I guess it's been going ok. I have friends. I have a life, albeit a small one. Baby steps, you know?

The major problem that I have with gaining friends and a life and all that is that, living in Shawnee, I life about 45 minutes away from my place of employment, so making friends at work is a difficult thing to do.

Now, MY WIFE, she's been having a blast. That's probably because she's more outgoing than I am AAAAAND, and this is important in regards to my own problems, she only lives about nine freaking minutes away from where she works. So she has friends here, friends who take her out and buy her drinks and hit on her and junk. She goes out a lot and when shes not gone she's usually on the phone like a freaking sixteen year old.

She's a popular one, my wife is. People really do love her.

Now I am much less popular but I'm trying. There's a woman that's been coming to my storytimes since pretty much when I started. A few weeks ago I stuck out an olive branch of friendship to her and since then we've all been spending a fairly decent portion of time together. "Socks" and I hang out, talk about our lives, and it's really been great having someone close to me to talk to and confide in and share secrets with. I cannot thank her enough for her friendship.

But most of my time is spent at home.


Sometimes I feel like a single father. Which is strange, because I'm married. But that's just how it is when you're a stay at home parent, I guess. My wife works and I stay home and sometimes she comes home and the goes right back out. So I guess I'm a sort of part time married single father.

But, hey, I'm not complaining. This is my adventure.

I'm trying to have a life and so is my wife. And she's currently winning. But I'm working on it.


Unknown said...

Love the photos, shared on Facebook, hope that's ok.

Anyhow, keep on with making a life hun. baby steps and go at your own pace. Good luck, Wood be with you.


Unknown said...

I think it's about time you took sometime for yourself hun. Keep with the baby steps, and your own pace. Before you know it, well, you'll have what you're looking for.

Good luck, and Wood be with you.


Reverend Steve said...


Thanks for the kind words. You've been a fan for a long time. Thank you for that.

And also YES! SHARE IT! TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO SHARE IT! I want this to really take off!