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Thursday, June 19, 2014

No Self Censoring ...

This isn't going to be the longest post I will ever write here, or the most popular.

But I'm going to be honest here. Shoot for the hip. No self censoring.

See, I self censor myself a lot on this damn blog. I have to. There's always a million things that I can't say or shouldn't say, things that need to be kept hidden or not talked about in public or just not aired out at all in any way.

But the hell with that.

I'm going to be honest right now, short and honest.

Here goes ...

I love my wife. I do. But she's driving me fucking nuts here.

So. Backstory. My wife turns 30 this year. She turned 30 just this past Monday, in fact.

So she decided that instead of having one big birthday party she would have a bunch of small parties and as such she has been going out pretty much every single night for a few weeks now, leaving me here at home to take care of the screaming kids and the dirty house and do all the cooking and the cleaning and, basically, everything.

This is driving me fucking nuts. I'm getting short tempered. I'm feeling exhausted. My nights are long because most nights she doesn't get home until 3 or 4am. And, beyond all that, I am starting to feel extrrrremely lonely here.

I feel like a single dad.

I mean, I kind of am, really.

I just wish that my wife actually thought that I was important.

I wish she cared and respected all the hard work I did to keep this family together. I mean, she DOES occasionally tell me that maybe once or twice a week. But saying something and feeling something are two different things and I really don't think that she fully understands how MY life is while SHE goes out and drinks every night.

She has a good guy at home.

Does she care?



I have to go make lunch.

I'll post a movie later today, so stay tuned.

Wind Clan out.

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