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Friday, June 13, 2014

Random Thoughts For Another Lonely Day ...

Today is another lonely "part time single father" sort of a day for me. Just me and the kids. Again. My wife is working all day today and she's been pretty much going out all night this whole week.

See, my wife is turning thirty (Yes, I know, she's much younger than me) and so she has declared this month to be her "birthday month" and instead of having one big birthday party she plans on going out and drinking and partying her ass off every night for the whole month.

Now I'm not bitter.

Really. I'm not.

Good for her, I say. If you can have a birthday month, then go for it. I, on the other hand, am never able to get to have a birthday month or a birthday week or a weekend or, sometimes, barely even a birthday day.

So if you can get it, hell, then just get it. That's what I say.

It's no wet off my back.

Yesterday was a pretty hardcore day for me, parent wise.

This was my day: I cleaned the kitchen, washed load upon load of dirty clothes and hung them up outside, I washed all the dirty dishes, made breakfast and lunch for the kids, then I walked to the library downtown with my two youngest, played at the library for over an hour and a half, and walked back in scorching heat. Then I folded the clothes, pulled weeds, and then mowed my lawn and cooked dinner.

And, an FYI for you, my lawn is huuuuuuge! The front lawn is standard but my backyard is massive and has a very daunting hill that also needs mowing.

Here ...

So that's a picture from the top of the mountain. It's quite tricky to mow and it's an absolutely hideous thing to mow in the heat that we had yesterday, not to mention the fact that it was a very tough thing for me to do after the big walk we did.


But I did it. I mean, if I hadn't have done it then it just wouldn't get done. I'm carrying the majority of this family on my shoulders now, you know? This is me bring a responsible adult and a caring father. Sometimes I think, it must be nice to just do what you want. But I gave up the ability to do that when I got married and became a father. I have to step up now and stepping up is what I'm doing.

I'm still crazy sore from my yesterday.

So my Father's Day has been dealt a nail in its coffin.

My kids, all three of them, are suddenly being sent to their grandparents house for the weekend so that they can have fun and go fishing with their uncles and relatives and such.

Which is fine. Hey, fine by me, they're excited about it and I know that they'll have a buttload of fun. But this means that I'll wake up on Father's Day alone with no kids, then, all alone, I'll drive my hour trip to work, then work my brown little ass off, then get off of work at 5pm, the drive rrrrright home, and then almost immediately drive to the in-laws house in the outskirts of another city where we will no doubt get tackled into a long ass dinner and some of their patented in-law drama, and then, finally, a late late drive back home where I will be lucky as all fucking hell to even spend a freaking hour of Father's Day with my own goddammmmm family.

So yeah.

No Father's Day for me this year. All of my Father's Day festivities have essentially been cancelled. This hard working stay at home dad doesn't get a Father's Day this time around. And I kiiiiiinda feel, since my wife's birthday is the day AFTER Father's Day, like my special day is being sacrificed in the name of HER special day. You know?

But hey. Whatever. No big whoop. Like I said earlier, Father's Day has never been a big thing in my family, so I suppose it doesn't really matter too much in the grand scheme of things if I miss another one.

Maybe next year I'll actually get a Father's Day.

Aaaaaaaaanyway ...

Here is a screenshot of a picture I posted on my facebook page.

I think that this picture is totally fucking awesome, so please save this picture and post it everywhere and anywhere you can ...

I'm fighting sexism. I'm like a hero and junk.

So aaaaanyway, we're having a lazy day today, due in large part to my daunting day yesterday. We've been snacking all day. We've watched three Disney movies so far. Wall-E, Ichabod and Mr. Toad, and now the wonderful animated Alice in Wonderland. Popcorn. Coffee. A good time. I want to really cherish my time with the kids before they leave for a few days.

Anyways, that's it.

Wind Clan out.

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