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Monday, June 2, 2014

Steve's Church-less Movie Of The Week ...

I'm sorry.

I know I haven't posted anything of any substance for a while. I haven't really posted any free movies since I did that epic twelve movie Godzillathon a few weeks back.

Sorry. I've just been busy being sad and being depressed and then being happy and going out and making friends and having really great sex.

So here's a free movie playlist I just made so that my youngest daughter and I can watch a good horror movie together. It's one of the best MST3K episodes ever AAAAAND after the feature presentation there's the short "A Case of Spring Fever" which is the crrrrraziest short EVER!

Enjoy the madness, folks ...

Yoinked from the almighty wikipedia monster ...

"The Incredible Melting Man is a 1977 American science fiction horror film about an astronaut whose body begins to melt after he is exposed to radiation during a space flight to Saturn, driving him to commit murders and consume human flesh to survive. Written and directed by William Sachs, the film starred Alex Rebar as Steve West, the antagonist of the title, alongside Burr DeBenning as a scientist trying to help him, and Myron Healey as a United States Air Force general seeking to capture him. It has been described as a remake of First Man into Space (1959).

The screenplay was originally intended as a parody of horror films, but comedic scenes were edited out during production and new horror scenes added. Sachs claims that the producers decided during shooting that a straight horror film would be more financially successful, and that the film suffered as a result. The Incredible Melting Man was produced by American International Pictures, which also handled the theatrical distribution. The film includes several homages to science fiction and horror films of the 1950s. Makeup artist Rick Baker provided the gory makeup effects for the film. He originally created four distinct stages of makeup design so the antagonist would appear to gradually melt, but the stages were ultimately cut from the final film.

The film received largely negative reviews and has ranked among the Bottom 100 list of films on the Internet Movie Database, although even critical reviews complimented Baker's makeup effects. The Incredible Melting Man was featured in the comedy It Came from Hollywood (1982) and inspired the makeup effects for a scene in the science fiction-action film RoboCop (1987). It also featured in a seventh season episode of the comedy television series Mystery Science Theater 3000."

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