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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The World's Best Song Covers (Part 1) ...

That's the picture I chose for this post. It's Spider-Man when he was infused with a supernatural cosmic power known as Captain Universe in order to defeat a massive menace from space. This "Cosmic" Spider-Man could fly and shoot lasers from his hands. And he was so strong that he beat up the Incredible Hulk like he was a little girl. It's sort of a comic book mash-up. It's a character you love like you've never seen him before.

So the picture fits. Kind of.

Anyway, this is part one in an ongoing series of posts that I'm going to start doing now. It's going to be an ongoing list of free music and each free song I post will be an awesome cover.

I just looooove cover songs. I really like when a cover totally reinvents a classic. And that's JUST what these songs here are.

Plus, hey, free music.

So lets do this ...

Frost Giants: Someone Like You
A Marvel name right there. Thor. Frost Giants. What an awesome ass name, right? And a metal cover of Adele's touching ballad? How cool is that? But what's really amazing about this song is how much it works. They get a heartwarming tearjerker and turn it into an empowering metal song. And THAT is the reinvention I was talking about right there. Great damn song.

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Desperado
Me First is, really, the world's best cover band. They get songs you know and punk them up. And in doing so they also expose the vanity and falseness in the world of punk. I mean, the song Desperado isn't punk. But, as Me First has constantly shown, speed up anything and sing it loud and you've got instant punk. They really make this song rock.

The Groovie Ghoulies: I Don't Like Mondays
Damn I miss them. The Groovie Ghoulies were a three piece monster themed punk band from Sacramento, California and they were my favorite band. Their music had a very happy go lucky sixties vibe to it. Their songs would regularly feature vampires, Godzilla, monsters, Bigfoot, The Blob, and even beasts with five hands. They also did awesome covers here and there. This one is kind of a rare one, off of one of their LPs, I believe. Good song. I miss this band. A lot.

Richard Cheese: Friday
The king of cheese, Richard Cheese is the world's greatest lounge singer. His covers are all perfect. He can swing-a-fy anything, as evident by this slowed down version of that annoying ass Rebecca Black song that was all over youtube a number of years ago. It says a lot when a cover actually makes you LIKE the original song, as evident here. It's a shitty song, but Mr. Cheese makes it great. Quite a remarkable feat, don't you think?

Barenaked Ladies: Fight the Power
I never liked Barenaked Ladies. At first. Then I saw them live. From that point on I was a fan. They're an amazing group, full of brash fun interspersed with touching ballads. Good music. And this cover is an amazing representation of that brash sense of fun. A group of white Canadian musicians laying down a funky rock version of a Public Enemy classic. How amazing is that?

Dread Zeppelin: Heartbreaker (At The End of Lonely Street)
Ok. So. Thiiiiiis is an odd one. So try to follow me here, alright? Dread Zeppelin is a Led Zeppelin cover band ... but they do reggae versions ... with an Elvis impersonator as a lead singer. Sooooo .. reggae Zeppelin covers ... sung by Elvis. That's Dread Zeppelin. And if you think that's awesome, then you are seriously going to loooooooooooove this track!

Kepi: Kiss The Girl
Yeah. So remember how I said a few songs back that The Groovie Ghoulies were my favorite band and I missed them terribly? Well, the good news is that the lead singer, frontman, and all around genius behind the band, Kepi Ghoulie, is still kicking, cranking out his own brand of upbeat punk with numerous solo albums and side projects. Here's a rare acoustic cover from him where he sings this song from Disney's "The Little Mermaid."

The Ramones: Somebody To Love
Yes, The Ramones are an amazing punk band and their music is legendary and blah blah blah. Everybody already knows that, right? Their music is great. But I never hear anybody talk about how amazing their cover songs were, too. And that's surprising to be because they did a LOT of covers in their time. A LOT! And here's one of my personal favorites. This song was already pretty rocking, but only Joey Ramone could rock it harder, you know? Good stuff.

There. Free music for your punk ass.

Stay tuned. There's more to come ...

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