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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Watching Firefly For The First Time: "The Bank Job" ...

What time is it, boys and girls?

Time once again for some Firefly.

Well, it's been a little over a week since I decided that part of this whole "having a life of my own" adventure would include taking my first steps into the larger worlds of movies and tv shows that I have never bothered to watch, the first one being the two hour pilot of Joss Whedon's Firefly. I turned that first step into the world of the Browncoats into a pretty strong blog post that I really liked. It was well received, too. Got some really good, positive feedback about it. Good stuff.

So last week I watched the pilot. And now, here I am watching the pilot... again. But this time it's "other" pilot.


Ok ...

Apparently the network wasn't happy with that last pilot. And I can't say I blame them. I mean, it was good. Or perhaps "good" with finger quotes. But it wasn't a pilot. A tv show pilot explains EVERYTHING! It tells you who the characters are, what world they live in, and shows you what to expect. That last pilot didn't do that. It was a good episode of a tv show. Good acting. Pretty good special effects. It felt like a good movie at times. But it was no pilot. It just left me with so. Many. QUESTIONS!

So according to the almighty wikipedia gods, Whedon and company had about two days to write a NEW pilot which, from what I've heard from the hardcore Firefly fans I know, is a million times better than that last one. And THAT is what I'll be watching today, the supposed "good" pilot.


Here we go ...

Ok. Riiiiiiiight off the bat, the show starts with the black guy from WKRP in Cincinnati doing narration explaining a LOT of the crap they DIDN'T explain in the last episode. Good. Thank you. That clears up a lot of things.

Zoe. The first mate. In the last post I gave her the nickname Tucson Zoe. I'm sticking with that. I don't like Tucson Zoe. She doesn't seem to have much of a character to her. I'm assuming that, eventually, her character will be fleshed out and she'll be given more to do. But right now she just seems to be the yawn-inducing Robin to a much more exciting Batman.

"Piss pot." Wow. Ok then. I'm thinking that "piss pot" could be either a space western cuss word or a pretty sick and yet slightly arousing Iron Man-themed porno featuring Pepper Pots getting pissed on. But hey, that's just how my crazy ass mind works.

"Got us some crime to be done." That's be a good t-shirt ... IF cops weren't randomly shooting people for no reason.

Summer Glau constantly looks 14 years old. It's kinda creepy.

The preacher. Shepherd Book. I love the character. I love the actor. I love everything about him. So far, out of all the characters on this thing, he's the one that I like the most, not including Kaylee, whom I have a biiiiig crush on.

I love the shots of outer space. I know it's all cgi, but ... wow. It always takes my breath away.

Bad guy criminal, the old foreign man, he hires Mal and his crew to do a train job. This guy has a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeal cheesy accent. Evil Bela Lugosi voiced guy. I don't remember what his name is. They mentioned it once or twice. I'm just going to call him Evilugosi. That's a pretty solid name, actually. I like it.

... aaaaand apparently this train job looks like it is YET AGAIN set within the outskirts of Tucson, Arizona. How sad, another all Tucson planet.

Ok. I'm a lttle over halfway done with this episode and ... yeeeeeah, this episode is already a MILLION TIMES better pilot than the last two hour long whatever thing I saw last time. This explains the characters and is full of some grrrreat action scenes and some amazing acting. The little scene with Shepherd and the Companion was a beautiful little scene. And this episode seems to be full of great little scenes.

I absolutely LOVE this episode.

I really do.

The sheriff of Paradiso is in fact Mr. Huntzberger, the newspaper magnate from the last few seasons of the the show Gilmore Girls. I'm vaguely ashamed of my knowledge of this. But facts are facts. He treated poor Rory like shit. And now's he's the sheriff of outer Tucson. That's what happens when you fuck with Rory.

I'm upset that Evilugosi's bodyguard slash henchman, who is named Crow, isn't THIS Crow ...

The scene near the end where Mal kick Crow into the engine really gave me a huuuuuuge laugh. Really. I literally lol'd there.



What a much better episode than the last one! What a difference an episode makes! Now THAT is a pilot! That episode has actual characterization, great scenes, great acting, some really good action scenes, tension, drama, humor, and a really fast pace that was missing within the dragging feet of the last episode. This one, though, is all around perfection.

WHAT A RELIEF! See, that last episode left me scratching my head and thinking that maaaaaybe I'll keep watching.

But THIS episode makes me want to watch more and more and more!

Good times.

More to come ...

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