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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Watching Firefly For The First Time: "Jaynestown" ...

Hello everyone and welcome back!

Do what time is it, my friends?

Yes! It is once again time again for me, Reverend Steve, to watch an episode of Firefly for the first time.

Awesome! I love these Firefly posts.


If you're just joining us, then hi. I'm Steve. I'll be watching Firefly.

Beyond that, however, let me explain ...

So it's been probably a little over a month since I started taking my first steps into the world of movies and tv shows that I've never bothered to watch. I have a problem with popularity when it comes to pop culture. Something gets so popular that I'll automatically say no to it. And there's a lot that I've done that to. There's Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, Freaks and Geeks, Buffy, all of those crappy Transformers movies.

But I'm trying to change. I'm trying to be more of a Yes man. I'm trying to open my mind and watch some of this crap. And the first one that I have decided to try and watch is Joss Whedon's cult hit Firefly.

And while I'm talking about Firefly, did you know that my favorite musician (and semi-secret mancrush) Mr. Adam WarRock has made some really great and totally free Firefly related music that you should go download right now? Yeah. I love that man.

That's a picture of Adam WarRock and I at his OKC concert. I was so nervous meeting him that I quoted the movie Pitch Perfect: "Ok, I'm gonna go introduce myself. Everybody be cool, this is just a normal day."

He's a nice guy.

So the first pilot episode was just ok. Then I saw the second pilot episode, and that was much better. The third episode didn't have a lot to say but it was a damn funny blog post. Then the next one I saw had boobs, so of course it was good. Then the next one I saw was a funny episode and a funny ass blog post. And then the last one I saw was damn good, too. It had Zac Efron and junk.

So now it's time for another one. So lets all sit down, watch another episode, find a way to make fun of Tucson, Arizona (which I somehow do in every post), and have fun riffing on Firefly, whaddaya say?

Lets do this ...

So the next episode I will be watching, following the original chronology and not the screwed up chronology that Netflix has, is episode seven, entitled "Jaynestown." It was written by Ben Edlund, better know as the series creator of the show The Tick, which was a few decades ahead of it's time. I just recently showed that show to my kids and they LOOOOVED IT. So I'm already excited o see this episode.

The character of Jayne. Let's discuss.

I am not sure about him. On one hand, he's this gruff, rugged, hardcore character. But he's also the silliest character. He's quite a ham. He gives a lot of the silliest lines and he has inspired many an eye roll and a face palm from me as I watch these shows. See, I saw the tv show "Chuck" before this show, so I can honestly say that this man seems to be typecast as a tough, serious man who engages in silly things for the laughs of the audience, which may be why I'm already so sick of his character because I've seen it before. So the concept of a Jayne-heavy episode gives me mixed feelings. Is this going to be a silly guffaw episode? Is he going to continue chewing the scenery and mugging and hamming it up like he always does?

Ehh. Lets see.

Opening and wait WHAT??? Why the heck is Preacher doing the opening narration now? What the hell, Mr. Whedon? I have the beginnings of O.C.D. and that means that I like repetition. I mean, come on! You do one narrator, then you changed it to Mal talking and I tried to be okay with that, and now you've changed it on me again! What. The. Crapballs.

The first scene is Kaylee and the Doctor and they're talking about swear words. Hmm. Is it just me or does this budding "relationship" feel a bit forced and tacked on? Because that's how it feels to me. In fact, in the first couple of episodes I got the feeling that Kaylee liked Mal but then they decided to replace Kaylee with the Spacewhore and so they just got the only other available man on board and said "Here, Kaylee, like THIS guy now." Maybe it's just me.

Jayne is wrecking the medical facilities to get tape to tape a gun to his chest because he made a few enemies in Canton, where they're touching down. The Doc gets flustered, which seems to be his main job on the ship, to be the stereotypical stuffed shirt of the group. Mal says no to the gun and Jayne rips off the tape, then a close up on him as he, totally called it, mugs to the camera as if to say "I'm the rugged one in the group, so this baby faced whimper will be hilarious to you, you stupid audience. LAUGH AT ME!" Man, I called it. It's like three minutes into the episode and already I totally called his overacting.

Spacewhore goes off to work and everyone else lands. They come upon sweaty, stinky working men dredging a disgusting brown river and looking all gross and hideous. Wow, is this downtown Tucson, Arizona FOLKS!

While wandering the town they find a statue of Jayne, then credits.


Them finding the statue like that, I'm quite upset that nobody does the end "Planet of the Apes" scene right here ...

So Spacewhore lands. River and Preacher have a rather silly scene involving her fixing his Bible. Qute-ish. But seriously, am I really supposed to take ten year old looking River seriously?

While they're at the bar hearing a story about how the man they were waiting for was killed, someone sings a really cheesy and stupid sounding song about how Jayne is the hero of the town. Jayne explains how he accidentally dropped sixty thousand dollars in the middle of the town and now they see him as a sort of Robin Hood.

Things happen, slowly but surely. A lot of small little scenes happen one by one by one. River is frightened by Preacher's hair ... ummmm, that is sooooooooooooo racist. Like, seriously. A little white woman runs in fear of a black man's puffy, ratty hair. That is so totally racist. Like, dayyyyyummm, that's not even funny. Wow.

Spacewhore has been hired to bang the town leader's 26 year old son who is apparently still a virgin. And everyone is at the bar drinking because everyone realized that Jayne is their hero. Doc is drunk and hits on Kaylee. And River is now in hiding because of a black man's hair. Wow. Summer Glau is racist.

So now things come together. All the plots start to converge. Spacewhore has been hired to sleep with the son of the evil head of the town, the man who learns that the town hero is overacting at the bar. Mal arrives at the bar and the Doctor accidentally insults Kaylee, which gets her panties all twisted. Spacewhore does her job. And the crew are going to throw a "Jayne Day" celebration to use as a cover to smuggle stuff out of the town, but his old partner, whom he apparently double crossed, is released from prison by the head of the town and he beats up the Doctor looking for Jayne.

Escalating Tension 101. Plus the wronged partner has what looks like the world's fakest beard.

Jayne Day comes and he does a might pretty speech in front of his statue ...

So the confrontation comes. The partner reveals the truth to everyone, but some youngin' townie still jumps in front of the bullet and saves Jayne. He does another big, dramatic, pretty little speech about how he isn't really a hero, then they all get ready to leave. There's a lock on the ship that is meant to prevent it from taking off but the son of the leader, all strong from getting laid, undoes the lock on their ship and they leave.

Small scenes wrapping things up. River is scared of black people's hair. Doc and Kaylee have a cute little scene. Mal talks with Jayne as he deals with his guilt over someone saving his life.

And here's another big, quotable line ...


Overall I think that was a good episode. I don't like Jayne's mugging and I don't think it's right for a young white girl to be afraid of a black man's hair. But despite all that, I thin it was a very good episode. It was funny, entertaining, and there was some action to it as well. And I must say that these characters are getting to me. They're sticking. I'm really liking these people. I wish that there could be more Mal-centered episodes, but I like my once or twice a week visits to their world. I'm really starting to grow fond of these people. I don't want them to go away.

Sigh. Oh well.

More Firefly is still to come, so stay tuned!

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