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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Michael Brown And Racism ...

I want to talk about Ferguson and I want to talk about racism.

But first I need to discuss something that happened recently that I can't get over. This is horrible and it BEGDS to be discussed with Ferguson.

About a week or so ago I posted a news article on my Facebook about an incident that occured recently ...

Here is the story ...

This is a story out of Georgia. The incident occured in 2014.

A young Mexican man and his friends pulled into a driveway and waited for their friend to come out so they could go ice skating. It was the wrong driveway and the white homeowner came out and shot the car numerous times, killing the innocent, unarmed young Latino man.

The man who fired the gun was recently sentenced.

He will get a $500 fine and be put on probation. 

That's it.

He murdered an innocent young man in cold blood and he got a small slap on the wrist.

And the worst part about this story is how no one cares.

There is no media scrutiny about this shocking miscarriage of justice. There are no protests. Peoplr aren't calling for justice.  There are no newspaper articles and editorials about it. This dead man's face isn't on magazine covers and you will probably never see his face on your television set.


Because he's Mexican. So no one cares.

Because in America it is still perrrrrrfectly acceptable to be racist towards Mexicans.

So as I see live footage of the Ferguson riots and protests I get really depressed. I am filled with sadness. It hurts.

But I'm not sad for the miscarriage of justice and I'm not sad because of the loss of life.

I am sad because if Michael Brown was a Mexican then no one would have cared. No one would have given a rat's ass about Ferguson. No one would have batted an eye over another dead Mexican. None of this would have happened. None. Because who cares if an unarmed young Mexican dies?

And I am sad because if the Mexican man, the young man who was shot and killed in Georgia for simply pulling into a driveway, if he was black, then THE WORLD WOULD BE OUTRAGED! There would be protests and the media would have a field day and the entire globe would demand justice.


I am a Mexican, the most hated race in America.

This is all messed up.

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Nancy said...

Amen. We apparently are outraged only at the things the media tell us we should outrage ut.

Any, all, every instance and form of bigotry--of hatred and fear and stereotyping and discrimination and--well, failure to respect and care about one another is a sickness that affects every one of us, but lots of us seem to be simply aloof from any compulsion to at least civil, hopefully much more, maybe even kind and generous and compassionate.

We are sick of something terrible. When and ow did we get this sick, and how do we get well?

AND how do we get the man who murdered an innocent young man in cold blood into a prison cell for the rest of his miserable fear-and-hate-ridden life?

It will be of small comfort to you to know that everyone sorts humanity into valuable, not-so-valuable, and valueless heaps. I don't. The credit goes entirely to my parents and the things they taught me as a youngster about the dangers of harboring poisonous (and false) notions of my own and anyone else's superiority or inferiority. I was lucky.

May God have mercy upon us. We certainly haven't much for one another!