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Friday, November 7, 2014

Surgery Morning ...

We were up at 4am. Maxwell was woken up around 4:30. I was worried about how the evening was going to go, what with the instructions that he couldn't have any food or liquids, including water, after midnight, but he did fine. In fact, he woke up bright eyed and uber-hyper, a mood that continued throughout the morning. He was even cracking jokes on our forty five minute drive to the hospital in Oklahoma City.

Basically, my three year old boy has extremely weak enamel, so his top teeth have been quickly eroding. They have to put caps in and fillings and a bunch of stuff. And since he's so young he has to be knocked out for it.

So here I am at a hospital in Oklahoma City waiting in the waiting room outside of the surgery center.

He woke up so happy. I was worried that he'd have a bad night but he had a good night's sleep. He was laughing and joking around on the drive home. When we went back to the doctor's officr he took some loopy pain meds that made him act like he was drunk. Told him that the nice doctor people were going to take him to a special room. The nicest and sweetest male nurse ever held him and took him to the surgery room. And that's that.

He didn't cry, didn't complain, didn't have anything to eat or drink since midnight but he didn't complain or freak out about that at all. And when they took him away from me he gave me a thumbs up.

I cried. And now I'm just here waiting.

But I know he's in good hands.

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