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Friday, March 27, 2015

Random Bullet Points (And A Free Movie) ...

Here's a few things ...

-I love that picture up there. How cute is he? Man. That's some Alice in Wonderland-level shit right there, isn't it? Ha!

-So we didn't record a podcast this week. It was my birthday last Sunday and that made my schedule a bit demanding. Sooooooo ... yeah. I always feel OFF when I miss a week of podcasting. Strange.

-Buuuuuuuut that means that there's a lot more time for you, the listener, to actually WATCH the next movie we talk about. It's the 1970s made-for-tv movie "Baffled" where the late Leonard Nimoy plays a psychic race car driver. It's pretty bad, so I've spiced it up with a bunch of previews and cartoons and an intermission and a buttload of general retro craziness! So you should watch it ...

-My wife is a Netflix junkie. She just finished binge watching the entire Walking Dead series and now she's knee neep in the NBC spy comedy Chuck which, I now remember, was prrrrrretty damn good. I'm watching one with Scott Bakula and Chevy Chase and it's pretty damn amazing.

-I just bought ULTRASEVEN. It's the Ultraman tv series that ran after the original Ultraman which my son Maxwell is in love with. So I'm pretty excited to have a brand new Ultraman series to share with him. I think it's all subtitles but still. It's pretty amazing, right? I can't wait.

-Yesterday the songs that randomly got stuck in my head ran the gamut from "You Are My Sunshine" to "(What What) In The Butt" which is a very bad song to have stuck in your head if you work in the kids section of a bookstore.

-Hey, everybody knows that I love Lucha Underground on the El Rey network, right? It's amazing. It's all the good parts of professional wrestling that WWE abandoned years ago. High intensity REAL wrestling. Talented people who are allowed to be their best and not be held back by corporations. Plus the drama part of the wrestling feels like a dirty Mexican telenovela crossed with and old school Mexican monster movie. It's an incredible show and I am really infatuated with it. I am all the in loves with it.

-Aaaaand speaking of Lucha Underground, here is the full, uncensored main event from last week's incredible main event. It's a casket match. It was one of the greatest matches that I've seen in a loooooooooong long time. You should absolutely watch it ...

-So my wife got me a bunch of really awesome gifts for my birthday. But because we THOUGHT we were moving she waited on ordering them. And that means that although my little birthday came and went without a bleep there's a big big bunch of presents randomly on their way. I just received a Make Your Own Root Beer kit which will make for a grrrrreat episode of the Root Beer Show. Ultraseven, as I said, should be here by either Monday or Tuesday. And there's more on their way. I'm pretty excited. It's like my birthday DAY sucks but that's ok because it getting extended.

-Sooooooooooo THIS is a picture of us at dinner for my birthday ...

... and THIIIIIIIS is a closer look at the angry stares we got from the old white people who populate Oklahoma ...

... I get that look AAAAAAAAAAALL the time! Connnnnnstantly! Everybody here hates the brown man. No customers trust me. I have become an expert at body language. This face is one that most customers give me when they first see me. I don't even know if they KNOW they're giving me this face. It's a subconscious thing. They see me, they see my skin, and they will subconsciously walk away from me, look away from me, women will hold their purses, men will steer their women away from me. It's sad, really.


That's about it. Have a good day.

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