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Saturday, May 9, 2015

An Update From Oklahoma ...


First off, hi. hello. I am well.

In fact, my whole family is all a-ok here in Oklahoma. So don't you worry, ok?

That's the problem with the national news. Oklahoma is a fairly big state. And yet, when a small, very small, extremely small portion of the state gets hit by a tornado, the national news says "THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA WAS ROCKED BY A TORNADO TODAY!" as if the entirety of the state was hit by one massive state-sized supertornado.

But no. We are good. I am good. The kids are good. We're all fine here. Fine.

How are you?

We had a small amount of flooding, nothing major, nothing that came into the house. Our yard was turned into a swampland and our street became a small river. But nothing big, nothing to worry about.

So far, the only REAL damage that these storms has caused me was that some tornado sirens interrupted the recording of episode 28 of my awesome podcast, The Pope on Film.

It was some funny shit, actually, and the half hour that we recorded is going to be released as a "special edition." So look for that soon.

Anyway, this is not to say that there aren't any clear and present dangers. There has been two or three days of extreme rain, winds, lightning, hail, and flooding. There has been some tornadoes but nothing near us. Yet. And the extreme weather is supposed to continue thru today and tomorrow. Which sucks for me because I am knee deep in a six day working spree. My last day off was Wednesday and my next day off is Wednesday. So I am constantly driving lengthy distances thru hazardous conditions.

So there's that.

Fun, right?

Anyway, we're about to get hit by a superstorm in like a few minutes so I thought I'd just update you before we get hit again and the power starts flickering on and off.

I'll keep this blog up-to-date in case anything super bad happens.

And I'll try to post pictures from my ten year wedding anniversary in a few days.

(Damn, that was a drunken blur. But fun.)

Wish me luck!

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