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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Quick Life Recap (And My Latest Podcast) ...

Yeah yeah yeah, I know. I haven't been posting like at all. I know. I'm aware. My bad.


How's things?

I'm ok. I guess.

We survived all the storms, which is good.

The entire month of May was filled with storms and floods and tornado attacks. We had some minor flooding around our house but no damage and no one in our family was affected. So that's good. And once it became June, literally on June 1st, all the dark clouds disappeared and it instantly went from cold and rainy to hot and muggy as hell.

My life has been pretty chaotic. Most of my time is filled with work. I'm becoming a real leader at work, I think. They really need me there. I've become good at selling and I'm usually the go-to person to ask when you don't know where something is. I actually inadvertently worked over 41 hours last week, which is pretty crazy.

So yeah. Work and my kids have been taking up a great deal of my time.

My wife and I are ... good? I don't know. I never know. It's like a crap shoot, I guess. She is about to start a second job, so we aren't seeing each other as much as we would like. But when we do see each other, which is quite infrequently, we get along well enough. And junk.

So her and I are good.


Sure, yeah. Good.

We're not lovey dovey lovebirds but we don't outright hate the shit out of each other, so that's good.

The kids are out of school. Which is hell.

Bam. Truthbomb.

My oldest is thirteen and a half but she looks and acts like a moody 18 year old diva. My youngest daughter used to be the youngest but now she's the middle child and she hates it. Lots of yelling and attitude. Maxwell is amazing. And he's be a grrrrreat only child. But with my two daughters constantly fighting each other it kind of leaves him the odd man out. There's lots of fighting and yelling.


It's going to be a long summer, methinks.

My podcast has been going along swimmingly. My co-conspirator Bunny and I have a really good chemistry together and I think that my extensive research and my fun lists and our strange sense of humor really makes our movie podcast different from all the other movie podcasts that are out there. And I like how we do different types of movies, not just bad ones. We do everything from Guardians of the Galaxy to Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown. It's fun. Good times.

In fact, here is the latest episode of my podcast, episode 32! Impressive, right?

In this one we tackle one of my favorite films ever, Wet Hot American Summer.

So listen to it. Have fun. Imma go hump the fridge.

I'll try and post more.

I promise.

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