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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Various Father's Day Thoughts ...

Hi everybody.

I'm back and junk.

So. It's Father's Day, 2015, and I am outside. It's been crazy humid hot recently, which has really been a slap to the face every time you walk outside, but today it's nice. Favorable. Slightly overcast, occasional small sprinkles, and not so hot. It's good to be outside right now. So we're outside.

I'm actually celebrating Father's Day this year, which is odd. Usually the kids hardly do anything for me. Some years they straight up forget. And last year, which was pretty much an entire year of depression, my kids were gone all weekend, sent away to spend time with their grandparents, thus completely negating my one special day. It really hurt, especially since I had sent a year as a stay at home father and I felt that I deserved to be celebrated for all my hard work. But no. No special day for me yesterday.

But it seems as if this year my family is actually trying to celebrate Father's Day and perhaps even make up for last year's debacle. Gummy bears, bacon, coffee, a mustache pinata, lots of hugs and kisses. The kids made me these cute posters ...

... and there's more. There's still some big presents left, apparently. And we're outside cooking. Grilling. The smell of the coals and the lighter fluid are mixing with the cool summer heat. The kids are swimming in the pool we have in the front yard.

My family is letting me play my loud, crazy, bipolar playlist of music. Perry Como's "Glendora" collowed by a clip from the movie "The Room" followed by "Everything Is Awesome" from the Lego Movie followed by Faith No More followed by Sinatra. My music is as crazy and random as I am.

And later we're all going to the drive-in!

DRIIIIIIIVE-INNNNNNNNNN!!!! And a kick ass double feature, too. Inside Out with Jurassic World. Maxwell and Bela will love the new Pixar film and by the time the scary stuff happens in the new dinosaur movie Max will no doubt be asleep, so yay.


What else?

I have a new phone, brand spanking new, in fact. I hardly ever have the NEWEST phone. Hell, I don't think I've EVER had the newest phone. I'm no Lauren Burkitt over here. (That's an inside joke.)

So I have an LG G4. It's new as hell. And it's pretty amazing. It's almost twice the size of my last phone, which I like. It's more clear, more HD than my old one. My music plays almost twice as loud as my last phone did. I can use emojis for the first real time since ever. It features a lot of health apps and junk that I'll never use. I can do two things on the same screen at the same time, which has really helped my masturbating. Sorry. Truth bomb. And the screen size and high definition screen makes my games, especially my pinball game, really shine.

I love this game called pinball arcade. It features 100% recreations of actual pinball tables throughout history. I have spent much money on it. And with my new phone it's pretty wonderful ...

Nice, right?

Oh, and I wanted to share the new video I made.

It's a cute little video that I made for my awesome ass podcast The Pope On Film The next episode, available tomorrow, centers around the 1977 made for tv movie The Death of Richie and I made a brand new trailer for it. I'm actually impressed with how quickly I was able to do it. I'm getting pretty damn good with video editing and junk.

Anyhoo, here it is. It's cute and short and worth a watch ...

Anyway, I'll post some more pictures later.

Wind Clan out.

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