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Thursday, July 30, 2015

My Podcast: Episode Thirty-Eight (Now With Film!!!) ...

This is the full story of the last podcast episode that I did.

Lets do this ...

I found an old bootleg copy version on the internet somewhere of the crappy, hard to find seventies made for tv movie called "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park," aka, "KISS Meets the Phantom," aka, "Attack of the Phantom," aka, "Really Shitty Movie."

It wasn't the best copy of the movie. It looked old and grainy, like it was recorded off an old VHS copy. And it was in two separate parts, two separate avi files that were listed as part one and part two.

See, I know me. I know me very well, actually. And I knew that, what with my ocd, if I was going to actually watch this movie then I would probably have to combine the two parts together into one big film.

So I figured that if I was going to edit the movie then I might as well make it up nice.

So it took me a whole day of hard work, but I redid the opening credits and added a bunch of retro stuff before and in the middle of and after the movie to make it seem like an old drive-in movie. I added previews. I added drive-in ads. I added an intermission and some cartoons. I even added my own intro with my three year old son where it looks as if he may or may not be blowing a hot dog. I got an old movie and made it my own. Sure the sound sort of fluctuated and at times it doesn't 100% sync up with the movie, but I worked hard on it and it was entirely my own.

I put it up on YouTube and it was INSTANTLY taken down.

NBC Universal had issues with it. After all, it was an NBC Made for TV movie. But that doesn't make sense, because there are a SHITTON of old NBC made for tv movies ALL OVER the internet, so what gives?

Also, TOHO studios in Japan had issues with the Godzilla preview I showed before the movie. But THAT doesn't make sense, either, because I literally just ripped a gaggle of previews from YouTube and pout them in front of MY video, so why did TOHO object to MY usage of the previews and not the original poster's use of them?

Basically, it all boils down to KISS. They aren't just a band. They're a fucking CORPORATION that will sell anything and EVERYTHING they can with their stupid face on it and I had the audacity to try and put something KISS related up on the internet for free.

So I tried to put it up on DailyMotion. I hadn't been on there since forever. I had to DUST that website off, man, I hadn't been on there for so long. And they said that I apparently had a LIMIT to the length of uploads. I couldn't upload anything longer than a half hour.

That was going to be the end.

But fuck YouTube and fuck NBC Universal and, above all, fuck KISS.

So I spent a number of hours getting my video and cutting it into six parts, then uploading those six parts onto DailyMotion.

Then THEY said that I was uploading a "suspicious amount of uploads in a single day" so they stopped me after five uploads.

But I had come TOO FAR. So I wanted patiently for twenty four hours, then I uploaded the final part of the video.

And so NOW YOU KNOW how hard it was for me to make, for me to upload, for me to re-edit, for me to EVERYTHING! It took a lot of man hours and a lot of hard work and determination. But it was all ultimately worth it to be able to say ...

Here it is, people, my very own, very special DRIVE-IN EDITION of the seventies made for tv movie "**** Meets the Phantom" ...

**** Meets The Phantom-Special DRIVE IN Version... by edwood316


Here is a link so that you can download your very own copy of our podcast where we discuss this amazing, horrible film ...

The Pope On Film - Episode 38

... and if you want, here is the YouTube video version of the episode as well, so that you can just stay here on my blog and listen to the podcast here, if you want.

Enjoy ...


I hope you enjoy. Between Bunny's recording and editing of the podcast and my creating the movie and the stubborn wrestling that it took to eventually upload said video, this blog post took several man hours and lots of hard work.

Thanks for reading and clicking, believers.

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