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Friday, July 31, 2015

My Son Found Jesus ...

This is the story of how my son found Jesus.

It's cute as hell and I really love it.

But first lets talk about the new waterpark.

So the city that we live in decided last year to gut the small community pool that's been gathering dust downtown by the courthouse and replace it with a big waterpark, complete with kids area, a diving pool, two rock walls, a small whirlpool area, and a bunch of pretty cool slides.

I didn't think that it was actually going to happen. I thought that it was all too big, too extravagant, especially for such a small ass town in the middle of godforsaken Nowhere, Oklahoma. But it DID happen and it would have actually opened on time if it weren't for the threat of tornadoes cancelling their big opening weekend.

Ha. Typical Oklahoma.

But they eventually did open the thing and the place is pretty damn amazing. We've been there a number of times now and we really do love it. Maxwell especially.

Here's an aerial view. Doesn't really do it justice tho ...

We were there the other day and Maxwell spots a long haired rocker guy, a pale white guy, with a long head of dark brown hair that would look very normal on the head of a Metallica cover band.

Maxwell points at this guy and goes "LOOK, DADDY! IT'S JESUS!"

My son founds Jesus.

Better yet, after that he goes "That's Jesus, daddy. He's famous. Don't bother him."

And that's nice. It's nice because, like, if we ever run into Tom Hanks or something like that, I now know that my son won't go gaga about it. He'll be cool about it and leave him to his privacy. Hell, he;d probably say "This isn't my FIRST TIME meeting a celebrity. I once met Jesus, you know."

Gotta love my son.

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