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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Watching Dr. Who For The First Time: Trying Again ...

Soooooo. Hi. How are you?


Lets try this again ...

Adam Warrock: I Have Never Watched An Episode Of Dr. Who In My Life


For a while now I've been sloooooowly but surely watching the cult tv show Firefly for the first time and that has been a wildly successful series of posts on this blog. I've gotten lots and lots of really positive feedback. People really do seem to like a so called "virgin" watching a cult television show for the first time with a clear, unfiltered eye and riffing on it.

At the beginning of 2015 I made my intentions known that I was going to tackle Dr. Who for the first time ever. I had never really watched Dr. Who before, save for a few random Tom Baker episodes during weekends in my childhood, so I really wanted to sort of "Firefly" Dr. Who and watch it with fresh eyes.

(Aaaaaaaand a t-shirt was involved somehow. Personal reasons. So there was also that.)

So in January of this year I sat down and watched Dr. Who for the first time. I watched the first episode ever.

And it was kind of a big ass fail.

See, I hyped myself up this big first watch, this first episode, and I hyped everyone else up as well. A lot of hype. I was really excited to do this and I got a lot of buzz around doing it as well. I was ready with baited breath to jump head first into this great big amazing world.

And then an old, black and white little tv show started. And then I blinked. And it was all done.

And so here we are. It all just happened so fast that there was no real way for anybody to truly be satisfied by this small 21 minute old tv show. I wasn't satisfied and neither were any of the fans and followers of this blog who expected more than the short little spurt that happened. I wanted more and I think the readers of this blog DESERVE more, you know?


I'm going to try again. But this time there will be a BIIIIIIIIG difference. See, I found a good "hook," one that has once again made me excited about doing this.

See, Dr. Who doesn't really go by episodes or seasons or anything like that. As far as I can tell, Dr. Who goes by "story arcs" that spawn anywhere from an episode or two to half a season long, however long it takes, you know?

Here's some wiki knowledge:

"In both the original run and since the 2005 revival, the long-running British science fiction television programme Doctor Who has featured a number of story arcs. A story arc is an extended story which takes place over a large number of episodes or serials, characterised by a gradual unfolding of plot points and introduction of narrative devices which come together in the arc's climax and dénouement. While character arcs exist over the course of many stories, they do not necessarily take the shape of an expanded story arc."

So my big mistake was watching JUST the first episode. That was my downfall, my Waterloo.

So, in a few days, I will be ONCE AGAIN trying to watch Dr. Who for the first time. I will not watch every story arc because that is impossible, not to mention crazy. I will watch as many major story arcs as I can from each and every doctor.

I already have the first four episodes of the first Doctor on my laptop, a story arc called "An Unearthly Child" that, I hope, sets things up and answers the bajillion or so questions that I have about this old ass tv series from a million years ago that hipsters everywhere shart themselves about to this day.

And when I'm done with that I also have the next story arc, a seven episode arc that is a very important one because it marks the very first appearance of The Daleks, a classic and beloved Dr. Who villain. I know nothing about the Daleks but, as far as I can tell, they are badly built trash cans that come to life in order to sell merchandise.

I will be watching Dr. Who for the first time (again) in just a few days.

So stay tuned.

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