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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Wife And I ...

I'm going to talk about my wife now.

This might be a little vague. That's because my wife is an extremely private woman. And the LAST thing she wants is for me to start airing out all our personal shiznittle all over the internets. But I still want to talk about this.

Sooooooo ...

Eggshells, people. Walking on eggshells over here.

My wife and I have been everywhere emotionally. We have been lovey dovey and we have been inseparable and we have fought and we have yelled and screamed and we have even talked divorce. In fact, pretty much all of 2014 was bad. It was a pretty dark year, man. Dark. Real dark. Crrrrrrazy ass dark. Sometimes during that dark, dark year I honestly didn't know how long our family had together. THAT was how bad that was back then.

I just didn't know what was going to happen to us. Nobody knew. Times were really tough. I was cutting myself. I was drinking a lot. I was spending more and more time away from home, away from my family. I just never knew how long things would last, you know, like, when was the other shoe going to drop?

Bad times, guys.

Real bad.

But once the new year began, everything changed, practically overnight.

I don't know why or how but it just ... changed. My wife was my friend again. We enjoyed each others company. We looked forward to seeing each other and spending time together.

Is it love?

Ehh. Probably not.

But at least I got my best fucking friend back.

So most of last week the kids were staying at their Nanah and Papaw's house. It was just me and my wife home alone. It was quiet and odd and different and awesome and a whole lot of fun. I would come home and, something I never get to do with my girls home, I would IMMEDIATELY strip naked. My wife would get invited to go out with all her friends and she'd cancel so that she could hang out with me and drink and stay up until 2am talking and watching stupid crap and having fun like bff's.

One night I'm watching Ultima Lucha. It was the season finale of Lucha Underground and ... there's no time to explain to you how emotional I was that night. I'd have to have a LOT MORE TIME to explain how I felt watching the last episode of my beloved Lucha Underground.

My wife asks me if I want to go somewhere with her, someplace secret, someplace she's never taken anyone else before. I start putting on clothes. And about twenty minutes later, at around 1am, we're at an abandoned pier at Shawnee Lake drinking beer with our feet in the water talking about everything and nothing, things important and stupid, under a beautiful starry sky.

Here's some pics I stole from that night ...

She's my best friend.

I'm happy to have her in my life, any way that I can.

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