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Sunday, February 14, 2016

The State of the Steve Address ...


Yes, it's me.

I know that I don't post much, or at all, really, but that's just because I'm so busy that I just can never find the time to just sit down and write. But, hey, here I am.


This is what's going on, in a nutshell.

I am a manager at work.

Yes, that's right. I am officially an actual manager. I got a very nice raise and I am now in charge of the receiving area in the back. So lots of lifting heavy boxes and sorting stuff and time management. It's exciting, being an actual manager. I have a key. I tell people what to do. I get a regular workout from lifting 40lb boxes all day. I'm losing weight and gaining muscles, so that's good. It's exhausting at times but it's good hard work and I like it.

The best part is that they wouldn't allow me to do storytime and also be a manager, so I fought them tooth and nail and eventually they relented and gave in to my demand. So I get to be a manager AND do my storytimes. So that's a win win for team Steve.

The work is hard. Plus, being a respected and trusted manager reminds me of my last store in Sacramento and how they, really, tried and tried at every opportunity to screw me over and stab me in the back and manipulate me into quitting. It was a horrible place and numerous times I wanted to quit. But I didn't. I stayed loyal to the customers and to the job and I started fresh and new in a different store in a different state and in a fraction of the time that I worked at the other store I have managed to climb higher and higher in my new store than I ever did at the crappy store that worked extremely hard to hold me down.

So it's a good good job. But it brings up some bad memories.

My wife and I are doing amazing. And that's really amazing news. Seriously, 2014 was difficult for us. Bad. Real bad. Then 2015 was different. It was about building up our trust and our friendship and it was hard but it was successful. Natasha and I are really two different people. Best friends. A team.

And so now here we are expecting a brand new baby daughter in June ...

So yay us!

The podcast has been doing great. We've been having some really wonderful episodes lately. It may not have the biggest fan base, but they fans that we do have are extremely vocal and supportive. My co-host Bunny and I have been doing this show for so damn long now that it almost feels like therapy every week. Bunny has become very important to me.

In fact, and this is adorable, during our recent "special episode #7" he said that he wasn't going to say that he loves me but that if he were my father he would be damn proud of me. And that meant a !!LOT!! to me because I am ... somewhat separated from my parents, I guess you could say.

My parents live a number of states away and I don't really keep in touch with them. I feel bad for that. But, see, I can never afford to visit them. Money problems. So calling and talking to them makes me feel extrrrrrrrrremely sad and guilty. So I don't talk to them hardly at all. I feel bad. But it is what it is. And besides, I doubt they even know what a podcast IS, let alone ever heard one, let alone CARE that this show is really important to me.

The show is good. It's damn good. It's funny and entertaining and Bunny and I have good chemistry. I like the show because it's a film podcast ... but there's a bajillion other film podcasts out there. But OUR SHOW is also about politics and religion and tv and bad movies and drugs and sex and comic books and parenthood and race and wrestling and a million other things. It's not tied down to a specific format like a lot of other podcasts tend to be.

There's no good way to describe it. It's a great damn podcast.

You should give it a listen sometime.

Well, what else?

The kids are all growing up. Maxwell is four and he's becoming a hyperactive ball of energy. He's also super excited to help us take care of the baby. He says he will teach her to crawl, which is adorable.

Bela is struggling with math, but then again so did I. She's getting an attitude but she is also falling in LOVE with her daddy. Seriously, she is attached t me most of the time. She really looks up to me.

And Emerald is basically becoming the old MTV cartoon Daria. She's an angsty 14 year old who hates everything and is constantly on Tumblr. But she's funny and smart and freaking beautiful. She plays a mean ukulele and she draws like a champ. She's extremely talented. She's a good kid.

I have three beautiful kids. And soon I'll have four. So that's exciting.

I'm growing up. More small random grey hairs here and there. I have an obsession with Lucha Underground and the musical Hamilton. I got my wife some kick ass things for Valentine's Day. Later we're gong t go to the movies and out to eat, just the two of us. We're going to "try" and be "romantic" for a change.

There you go. That's me.

I'll post again some other time.