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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Written By Isabela, Age 10 ...


My dad's doing his podcast later today ....

So how do I write 2000 words in half an hour?

My cool dad got me the game Undertale. I'm doing the pacifist route. I still have not gotten past Undyne .... speaking of Undertale, I'm working on fan fiction. It's about how me, Emerald, Deinna, and Deinna's boyfriend Christain go to Mt.Ebbot and find the underground.

Here's the first chapter:

I looked around. I saw nothing but mountain. (I dont know why we were here. Just because of a game. A rumor. But- it might be real! I mean ..... I ... WE are determined that it is real.) I thought in my head "Uhhhhgg. "ets go home already."

Emerald said with a groan, "Hey - it might be real!" Dienna said insulted. Christain kissed her on the check. "I like your de-TEMMIEnation. Chrisain smiled while I stood there laughing. "Stop complaining Em. We're almost there." I said as I handed her a bag of Hot Cheetos. A(n) hour had past before we had reached the top of the mountain. My eye started to glow. Dienna noticed and distracted the others waiting for the glow to stop. "What's that?" I whisper to myself as I looked down a hole to see something else glowing. There's only one way down.

I jumped.

I could hear screaming and weeping above. I can see a skeloton as I black out.

Ok. That's it for now. So far I have 4 chapters done. My dad's doing a WWE thing for his podcast The Pope On Film.

Anyway I should give him the computer and let him record.


Steve's Top Ten Songs ...

I'm back, you guys. I am back once again.

And THIS time around I thought I'd do another in a series of fairly popular posts, which is why I also brought some free music for your punk ass.

Pretty sweet, right?

So here, lets do this already. These are the most played songs on my phone as of right now. And a few of them are free for you to download. Free music downloads. You're welcome ...

1) Sonny Chiba: I Hate Punks Worse Than Anything

2) Scott Walker: 30th Century Man

3) Hamilton (Original Broadway Soundtrack): My Shot

4) The Blue Jean Committee: Catalina Breeze

5) David Bowie: Hallo Spaceboy

6) The Mountain Goats: Heel Turn 2

7) Sifl and Olly: Motherfucking Pie

8) Frank Sinatra: Summer Wind

9) Community: Troy and Abed In The Morning

10) Adam WarRock: After the Credits Scene

Good stuff.

Real good stuff.