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Monday, June 13, 2016

So K-Mart Hates Me (UPDATED) ...

Hi. My name is Steve. I am a thirtysomething father, writer, manager, podcaster, and I am currently hated by a (fairly) major corporation.


K-mart hates my freaking guts right now.

Ok. Lets discuss this ...

So on Saturday I went to the local K-Mart. And I thought it was funny how old and crappy it looked, so I took a bunch of pictures and wrote a review of it.

Yesterday I posted my review right here. And then, just for shits and giggles and lol's, I decided to shoot a link of my review to the K-Mart twitter account. Was that an asshole move? I don't know. Maybe? But I was bored as hell and just said, awww, screw it. Whatever. Doesn't really matter, right?

Well, in 24 hrs it has been seen over 9,000 times. I got 8 comments on it so far, which is a lot for me and this little blog of mine. The usual amount of blog post comments I receive is between 0 and 1, so 8 is a lot. Sadly, I deleted a number of the comments because they were very angry, rude, and particularly aggressive towards me, as if I was the one to blame for their K-Mart store being pretty shitty. A few of them were from either former or CURRENT employees. One commenter actually said that I was an idiot for pointing out the shirts they had that were racist towards Mexicans when I later called people "drunken rednecks" or something like that because I was being racist towards white people. And that, good friends, is called white privilege. That's a white person making a clearly racist t-shirt all about how HARD IT IS to be WHITE! Give me a break!

And the best part?

One Kmart corporate Twitter account privately tweeted a message to another Kmart corporate account about how I was banned from commenting on their Facebook account, which I have never once done. BUUUUUT in doing so they accidentally tweeted it and used my actual Twitter handle @reverendsteve, thereby tagging me in their private corporate message! They quickly deleted it BUUUUUUT I get all my Twitter notifications via e-mail. SO! That means that I actually received an email informing me that the @KmartCares telling me that I was banned from commenting on their Facebook page.

How does a major(ish) corporation drop the freaking ball like this? That's just embarrassing. And sad.

And I would feel reeeeeeeeally bad about all of this if my review wasn't 1000% true


A major corporation hates me.

Sorry, but hey. At least everything I said was true. I have truth on my side here. It's not slander or libel if it's all true.

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I'm just going to go to Walmart instead.

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