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Friday, June 3, 2016

Super Go Baby Vacation Time ...

My wife Natasha is due to give birth somewhere between the 3rd and the 6th of June.

So soon. Real crazy soon.

See, her doctors, who are actively trying to scare her into not having the baby at home, say she's due this Sunday. But her pregnancy app, which has been with us since day one and never tried to use fear mongering and underhanded scare tactics to trick us into getting thousands of dollars in debt with a hospital birth, says she's due this Wednesday.

And so I worked three stressful and crazy as all fuuuuuuuuuuuck days at work. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. And so now I'm on two hard fought weeks of vacation time.

Seriously, work was crrrrrrazy these last few days. It's like the Stephen King book 11-22-63. Time didn't want me to NOT be working, so time threw every shitty day and angry customer and pissed off person and car accident and racist a-hole and thunderstorm that it could possibly muster to try and stop me from going on vacation. It's just like that Stephen King book. The fates that be didn't want me being on vacation. It was crazy.

But I did it, I'm here, I'm off of work, and now all there is to do is for us to play the waiting game.

And waiting sucks. But Natasha and I are having fun. The kids are all at nanahs so it's just been the two of us this week. Watching movies. Going out to eat. It's been like we're dating again. Sure it's secretly stressful because she could pop any second. But it's also been crazy fun.

I love her.

So here's a random list of various whatnots in the life of the Galindo family:

-I've been a manager since October. I've been working at 9am every day since October. I worked my ass off thru Christmas and Inventory ALL BY MYSELF while still maintaining a very successful and kick ass storytime. Now, I'm basically a half a manager on the floor shelving and being the only customer service person. That's my every day now and it's very stressful. So I earned this vacation. I earned it.

-Emerald finished her freshman year of high school and now she's at a month long college prep thing that Oklahoma does called Upward Bound. She's staying at the dorms and taking college level classes and having a good time. But she's still coming back every weekend because she has a job because she's ridiculously responsible for someone as young as she is.

-Bela shaved her head. She's a bold woman. Nothing scares her. She will grow up to be a strong, loud, independent woman ...

-Bela finished 5h grade and now she's going into 6th grade. Which is fine. But apparently in the midwest 6th grade is considered Junior high ... ?!?! Yeah. Junior high is 6h to 8th grade here. That's WAAAAAAY TOO YOUNG if you ask me, but it is what it is and I can't change it. Bela's going into Junior High next school year.

-... and did I mention that my wife gave Maxwell a mohawk???

... and finally, my podcast is doing GRRRRRRRREAT! We just recorded episode 80 and it's freaking hilarious!


When it's super go baby time, I'll let you know.

Wind clan out.

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