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Thursday, December 8, 2016

My Next Few Days ...

I have a crazy next few days.

First off, there's today.

I have my podcast to record today, episode #104.

I love my podcast (Which you can listen to at by the way). I'm really excited about this episode. We're doing the Star Wars Holiday Special and I've been 125% ready for a number of days now. I am a BIT worried that there will be TOO MUCH because we're not only covering that but also the last two parts of the new Gilmore Girls and that ALONE is daunting, you know?

But BEFORE I even GET to do the podcast, I have today. My wife, who has recently gone back to college, has two finals today. She tries her hardest to only take online classes because she's basically the ROCK of this family. But she has finals today that she HAS to take at the university.

This means that I will have our 5 and 1/2 old baby daughter all by myself for about 5 and 1/2 hours today.

I love my daughter. But she's so young. And she's still 100% breast fed. That means that when she's tired or hungry or scared or, hell, just bored, she goes for her mother's breasts. And I can't give her that same level of comfort. At all! I mean, sure I have some bags of milk that I can warm up for her and junk. But damnit, it's not the same. At SOME point in time today she's going to get into super baby freakout mode and I will be no help in consoling her for the sole reason of having no breasts.

Beyond that, I nee to start getting ready for next week's episode. I also have work the next two days and, man, work has been craaaaazy lately.

Then I have a huge event on Saturday, a Harry Potter party for kids that I'm running myself. We're making wands and learning to dance and doing trivia and coloring and it's all being done by me. I have to have to HAVE TO get ready, but how much work can I get done with a screaming baby, you know?

Anyway, I'm going crazy.

It's fun.

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